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24 July 2014

Welcome To My Blog Diamond Star Boutique!!

I was tagged in a Tweet on Twitter that was sent out by Diamond Starr Boutique. The lovely lady behind Diamond Starr Boutique were looking for some folks who were interested in receiving some free goodies. If you know anything about me or my blogs I am all about FREE goodies! I was so EXCITED to see what I was going to receive in my kit. 
Diamond Starr Boutique is out of Canada but they also ship to the States as well!! 
To the left you will see what I found inside! When I got the box I tore into it right there on my front porch, who cares right?! Inside I found the Foreplay Ice Glacier Teaser box wrapped up in bubble wrap and the cute little bag was actually wrapped up with the tissue paper. The 2 envelopes are a Welcome Letter and Survey. I LOVE the Welcome Letter, which I thought was AWESOME as the ONLY welcome aboard messages/letters in the past 4 years of being in the blogging world  were strictly emails. I love the personal touch that is added to Diamond Starr Boutique's packaging and reviewer packages. 
17 July 2014

Vixskin Mustang Review


The Mustang by Vixskin Creations is a realistic dildo with an awesome phallic head. Mustang can be used for vaginal or anal penetration as well as it is harness compatible for those who are into harness play. You can use Mustang alone or with a partner with or without a harness. I use mine alone with my Salsa for clitoral stimulation. With the slight curve at the tip of Mustang's head you can use it for G-Spot or P-Spot play.

There are several different colors from chocolate, caramel, pink, lime green, tie-dye and more to choose from. I believe there is one for everyone. Mine happens to be Chocolate and I love it.

Material / Texture

Mustang is made out of 100% silicone. Silicone is a non porous material that can be sterilized. You don't have to use a condom on it unless you plan to switch between partners in the same session or if you plan to change from anal to vaginal penetration. Vixskin Creations is known for using two types of density when working with their dildos. The Mustang has a very plush outer layer of silicone while having a solid silicone core. I believe that having the plushness on the outside makes it more life like; as it feels more like skin and moves similar to the real thing. Mustang is very flexible so you are able to bend him anyway you want to get the feeling you desire.

14 July 2014

Get Off With Rocks Off RO-DEO Ride Vibe

I was excited when I came across the Rocks Off RO-DEO Ride Vibe on Tabutoys website. I have seen other toys similar to the RO-DEO Ride Vibe

The RO-DEO Ride Vibe is a vibe that is designed to ride, that also stimulates your G-Spot, clitoris and perineum. You will get the feeling of being on top riding your partner. If you are a woman who likes being on top this is for you. I rarely get on top when sex is involved with my partner, I have my personal reasons and he respects that. I honestly forgot how amazing it is to be on top. You can see in the picture above and to the left, there is so much awesomeness! The RO-DEO Ride Vibe can be used by those who are female or male bodied. The RO-DEO Ride is safe to use anally if you so choose to do use it that way. For those are are male bodied you can get a really good prostate massage with this vibe. When using the RO-DEO Ride Vibe you will want to straddle it so you are able to rock back and forth so you can mimic riding on your partner. 
Is the RO-DEO Ride Vibe for beginners? Sure I believe that anyone from beginner to advanced users can enjoy what the RO-DEO has to offer.
Do you want to learn more about the RO-DEO Ride Vibe? Then click below to continue reading. 

22 June 2014

Entice Katherine From CalExotics

For the month of June I got the Entice Katherine as a part of CalExotics Sexpert Program! When this package arrived I felt "meh" when I first opened the packaging seeing "Entice" on the box. I have reviewed a few Entice items I wasn't overly thrilled with so I thought the same with Katherine. Katherine is different from any of the other Entice Collection I have reviewed, I will place the links at the bottom of this review of the other items from the Entice Collection I have reviewed. 

Katherine is designed as a dual function vibrator. Katherine is targeted more towards the ladies than it is men, but both sexes can get enjoyment out her. For the ladies, you can expect G-Spot and clitoral stimulation. Ladies, you can also turn her around and use the clitoral attachment for perineum stimulation if you would like to. Seeings that Katherine has the clitoral arm attachment she is save to be used anally by the ladies and the gentlemen. The clitoral attachment will keep Katherine from getting sucked into your anal cavity. Ladies, if you choose to use Katherine anally you can use the clitoral arm to stimulate your perineum for added pleasure. Gentlemen, you can get perineum or testicle stimulation going on when penetrating yourself anally massaging your P-Spot (prostate), with Katherine.
Katherine comes in 3 colors:Pink, Raspberry and Purple, I received mine in Purple.

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