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08 April 2014

One Eyed Two Horns Pink People Eater....Neon Nites Monster Hood

I am super excited about this next piece up for review from the wonderful folks over at Tabutoys
I mentioned in my latest review I am trying to review more then just toys on my blog! With that comes new, fun and exciting things I have never really indulged in. Yes I have done lingerie before but nothing like some of the items I am seeking out. 

So you are wanting to indulge into the fantasy world and spice things up in the bedroom? Do you work in an adult entertainment setting and have a request to do fantasy related themes? Do you want to tryout something new and fun?! Yeah I didn't really think much about it til chatting it up with a friend on different things that can turn others on. 

The Neon Nites Monster Hood is a simple place to start especially if you aren't too sure this area will be something you will continue with. Since it isn't really viewed as sexual by most people if you choose to rehome it or give it a different purpose outside of your adult life you can always toss it to your kid. I have seen some costumes for kids that resemble the Neon Nites Monster Hood. If it doesn't work out in the bedroom or work setting you can also toss it in the closet an wear it out for Halloween parties or Trick or Treating with your kiddos. I honestly think this is super cute and I sent a picture to a friend an he stated the same thing along with "looks FUN" which it can be. Pair the Monster Hood up with this awesome bikini that goes so well with it. 

07 April 2014

Made For Average Size Women But ROCKED By A Plus Sized Woman-Neon Nites Ruffle Bikini Review

I have mentioned before that I wanted to take my reviews and blog in a different direction now is the time. I requested a few things from the wonderful folks over at Tabu Toys to start the transition into adding in dance wear, new lingerie items and more. I started a search and seeking out things that interested me and I came across a bikini that I just had to have. 


A playful bikini made by Elegant Moments Lingerie. Elegant Moments has several different things that can take you off to the fantasy world. From hoods to wigs to bikinis and more.
I receive the Neon Nites Ruffle Trim Bikini Set from Tabutoys for review. What do you get in the package? You will get the bikini triangle top as well as the string bikini bottoms. I love the colors in the piece. The colors pictured to the left is the only color this bikini is available in.
Where can you wear this sexy cute number that is apart of the Neon Nites Line? Seeing as it is a bikini the options are limitless to a point. Going to the beach and want to be cute an sexy? Pool time with friends or alone time in the pool with your man or crush? Do you work in a strip club or bikini bar? Work at home doing adult cam sites and looking for something fun and flirty? All of the above can be covered in this one piece. The Neon Nites Ruffle Trim Bikini Set is fun, bright, flirty and playful all rolled into one outfit. Ruffles, BRIGHT fun colors and since it is a string bikini you can adjust the bottom and top to the size you need. Are you wondering if this flirty fun bikini set will work out in your favor? Read on to find out more as well as learning about my experience with this piece.

04 April 2014

Squirt The NON Squirting Dildo

For the realistic feel, this was an awesome dildo--I just prefer it to be on the thinner side of things. I am not sure if I would recommend Squirt to anyone, really, unless they were looking for a girthy realistic dildo, since the main reason I purchased him was for the "cumming" feature he had. I was disappointed when Squirt didn't live up to his name!
Lint/Hair Collector
Girth (for some may be just right)


Intended use for me personally was for vaginal penetration. You could use "Squirt" for anal play as long as you slip a condom on him as he is porous. 

~Who Can Use Squirt? 
I would NOT recommend this as a beginner toy due to the girth. I would recommend this to people who have more experience with thicker toys.

01 April 2014

A Bag For A Cause

This cute bag would be great to add to anyone's collection who needs small tote bags for one reason or another. When you purchase this bag you are also helping fight the battle against Breast Cancer.

$1 from EACH bag is donated to Breast Cancer Research

What is it & how do you use it?
The Prinipessa Beauty Bag is a small tote that you can either use for storage or for a bag to carry items in when going places. This beautiful bag isn't big enough to be used as a reusable grocery bag as it is too small. I personally used my beautiful bag to toss a ton of makeup in, to bring over to my cousin's house so she could go through it and get items that she would use. This little bag can hold a lot of makeup as well as a few other beauty items.

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