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03 May 2014

Icicles No.48 From Pipedream

I got another goody box in from Pipedream a few weeks ago and inside I found the following:
 Icicles No.48
 Ceramix No.4
 Moist Personal Lubricant
Anal Fantasy Mini Silicone Plug

Today I will be reviewing the Icicles No.48 but, be on the lookout for reviews on the other items I received as well. 

The Icicles line from Pipedream is an amazing collection of toys made out of Pyrex Glass such as your bake ware in your kitchen. The Icicles line contains dildos, vibrators as well as anal plugs. Pipedreams' Icicles line isn't the typical plain Jane glass toys, most are very pretty and look like a piece of art! That is one thing that draws me in. The purpose behind anal plugs is for those who like anal stimulation with or without having intercourse or for those who are male bodied looking for prostate stimulation. The No.48 is a light shade of pink but looks clear in my photos due to the flash. Each No.48 plug can vary in shades of pink since they are handcrafted. The Icicles No.48 is available in pink only. 

 Do you like double penetration but want to real deal to be in the mix as well? You can simply pop the No.48 in the backdoor while you have your partner giving you vaginal penetration. No partner but want to be double stuffed while masturbating? Yep, you can use plugs there too. Anal plugs can also  be worn for extended periods of time whether it be around the house while doing chores or out running errands. Make sure though when indulging in anal play that you are using a toy made specifically for anal play. Using an item without a flared base can end badly!! 

Who does the No.48 plug work best for? In my opinion, it would work for women more so then men unless you aren't worried about it being "girly" in looks.  I would say that the No.48 could be used by a beginner if you ease your way into inserting the plug. The No.48 measures in at 3 inches long insertable length and 1.25 inches wide. Pipedream does manufacture smaller plugs that would workout even better for a beginner. You can view them on their site. 
Want to learn more about the No.48? Read on....

Material-What Is The No.48 Made Out Of

If you know me and follow all my reviews you will know that the No.48 isn't made with a porous material! The No.48 is made out of hand blown Pyrex Glass also referred to as Borosilicate Glass. When it comes to glass toys you will want to use with extra care and caution since glass is a solid material and has absolutely NO give to it. Since there is NO give when it comes to glass toys you will want to proceed with caution! Don't just ram the No.48 in to your vagina or anus make sure you work your way up slowly til fully inserted. Also being that the No.48 is smooth on the surface that is being inserted you won't have much trouble. Make sure though that you use a proper amount of lubricant to make insertion easier. With the proper amount of lubricant and patience you should not have any problems with the No.48 plug. If you are one of those who share your toys between orifices or with your partner make sure that you clean your No.48 properly before sharing with your partner or between your own orifices. The No.48 is made out of a very safe material that is great especially if sharing. Made out of Pyrex/Borosilicate Glass means that the No.48 is made out of nonporous, latex free, phathaletes free and hypoallergenic material. This is something I look for in all the toys I own. Nonporous toys can be shared with no issue IF they are cleaned properly. Icicles No.48 can be sterilized for safer play meaning you can kill all the germs on it. You can find out how in the Care Section which you can find below. When it comes to using glass toys you will want to inspect them before and after each an every use.
 Things to check for:
Any other type of crack, break or such. 
If you find any of the above upon inspection of your No.48 you will want to discontinue use as any of the above can cut your anal or vaginal tissue. You will want to avoid any cuts or tears as they can cause infection if you are unaware of them and can't treat them properly. Pyrex/Borosilicate Glass if broken doesn't shatter like most other glass items do. If you accidentally drop your No.48 plug it may not break right away but the glass will be weakened to where at some point it could break. When broken you won't get tiny shattered slivers of glass, you will experience big chunks of broken glass when it come to the glass that the No.48 is made out of. 


The design of the No.48  is actually a pretty good design if you ask me. I love the bulbous tapered head as it makes for easier insertion. Having a short shaft in a sense between the bottom of the bulb and the base. I see this important as with another plug I own there isn't much of a shaft it is the tip of the plug then, well the flared base. When it comes to plugs that has no type of shaft in between the bulb and base they usually tend to be pushed out or hard to hold into place. Having the shaft in the middle is one thing that would draw me in since I don't want to take the time to work up to the point of getting the Icicles No.48 in place just for it to easily pop out especially upon orgasm.
The base for the Icicles No.48 is a flower with petals around the bottom. The petals are not even nor the same size which just like a regular flower all petals are different. Since the No.48 is hand blown and crafted they will all differ a little from each other. Having the petals being different and not matching as you can see in the above photo it doesn't take away from the plug itself. If you want to place the No.48 on an even surface and stand it up on the base you can but it will be a little lopsided. Glass can also contain air bubbles on the inside of the glass this is pretty common in hand blown glass toys. I didn't see any air bubbles in mine but you might find them in yours. Air bubbles in the glass are okay as long as they are on the inside, to me they actually add to it. You may also see small scratches those could also be on the inside/underside of the glass and not actually on the surface. Please make sure that you do check by running your nail or finger tips over the surface of the Icicles No.48 plug as well as any other glass toy to make sure nothing catches on the scratches if they are on the surface.

When it comes to function, the Icicles No.48 is for those who enjoy anal penetration or for males prostate stimulation. Even though there is no type of curve on the Icicles No.48 a make could still get prostate stimulation. No prostate? That would be us ladies, you don't have to have a prostate to enjoy anal play. Anal play can give you a full feeling when being double penetrated. Anal stimulation can also make your vaginal orgasms so much stronger.

Heat It Up Or Cool It Down
The Icicles No.48 as well as all other glass toys can be warmed up or chilled for those who are into temperature play. There are a few precautions you will want to take when it comes to temperature play and how to achieve the temperature you are wanting. I will post what the Icicles box says even though I do NOT agree with it as well as I will post how I would go about the temperature play.

Heat It Up!
Hot Hot Hot.....
More Like 
Warm Warm Warm

To warm up your Icicles No.48 you will want to do one of the following:
Run your Icicles No.48 under warm or hot tap water. If you don't want to stand at the sink and wait for your No.48 to get to your desired temperature you can also soak it in a cup of water at the temperature you wish to use.
 Make sure you test the temperature on your wrist before inserting but also remember your vaginal or anal tissue is WAY more sensitive then your outer skin. 

The inside flap of the Icicles No.48 mentions what I did above about running the No.48 under warm tap water. The one thing I DO NOT agree with when it comes to the heating it up part the Pipedream package states that you can place your Icicles No.48 into the microwave. I personally do NOT recommend this option as glass can heat unevenly and the part you may test will feel warm while other parts can be super hot! Do NOT microwave or boil for temperature play.

Cool It Down!
To cool down your Icicles No.48 you will want to do one of the following:
Run your Icicles No.48 under cold tap water or you can soak it in a cup of cold tap water. If you are wanting a more frigid temperature you can place your Icicles No.48 into a cup of cold tap water with a few pieces of ice in the cup. You could very well place your Icicles No.48 in the refrigerator as well for a few minutes to get it chilled. Just as heating up your Icicles No.48 you will want to test the coldness of the plug before inserting into your vagina or anus. Cooling it down Pipedream style, the package states to place the Icicles into the freezer I personally would NOT recommend this option. Here is why I do NOT recommend placing your Icicles toys in the freezer have you ever gotten your tongue stuck to an ice cube or popsicle? Seen people get their tongues stuck to poles in the movies? Well I am sure you get where I am going with this, I do NOT want anything getting stuck to my insides especially in one of the most sensitive places ever. 

You can also use your Icicles pieces at room temperature as they are usually pretty chilly to the touch. I don't place mine in cold water or hot water for temperature play. I use mine at room temperature.
Glass maintains temperature very well so if you are going to use your No.48 chilled it will eventually warm up to your body temperature and will hold that temperature for a good bit. 
If you are the type who likes to switch between temperatures I would steer clear of doing so with the same piece. Going from one temperature to the next can weaken the glass in your Icicles No.48 which means it can eventually break when subject to heat or cold temperatures. If you go from HOT to COLD right away or COLD to HOT you can expect the glass to eventually break. It may NOT be the first time or the tenth but eventually it will give way.

As always I absolutely LOVE the packaging of the Icicles line from Pipedream. In no way at all is the packaging for the Icicles No.48 discreet and for me that is okay for others it could be a problem. I love the peek-a-boo windows where you can open the flap and take a peek to see what's inside when you get it in the mail (you can view this photo in the intro section above). As you can see the Icicles No.48 box has photos of the plug all over the box. It does state that the No.48 is a hand blown glass massager but also says great for anal play on the back description.
Once you open the box and slide out the foam insert you will find your No.48 plug nestled in its foam bed. When it comes to the safety aspect on protecting your Icicles from breaking Pipedream has it right. In all of the glass toys I do own Pipedream is the ONLY one who has their products inserted into a foam holder that protects it from impact. Having the foam insert makes the packaging that the Icicles No.48's original packaging great for storage as well. You can choose to purchase a padded toy pouch from your local toy store or from a online store. If you choose to toss the packaging of the Icicles No.48 you can recycle the cardboard box and toss the foam insert. Plan to give the Icicles No.48 as a gift to your partner? The packaging is great for gift giving if you aren't giving the plug as a gift in front of others. For gift giving the packaging is great if you are giving the gift in more of an intimate setting with your partner.

Care & Storage
Being the Icicles No.48 is made of Borosilicate/Pyrex Glass cleaning it before and after each use or between orifices/partners is simple. You will want to clean your Icicles No.48 very well before and after each use. Below you will find several ways to clean your No.48 and some will actually sterilize it for you. I will mark the ways to sterilize your No.48 with (image) and the ways that will NOT sterilize will be marked with (image).

imageMany Ways To Clean & Very Few Ways To Sterilizeimage

imageUsing an antibacterial toy cleaner whether its a spray that you simply spray on leave for a few seconds and the wipe off with a cloth or one that acts like a soap that has to be rinsed off with water. While it has the word "antibacterial" in the cleaner names does NOT mean it will 100% sterilize your plug. It will simply kill off some germs but not all.

 imageAntibacterial soap yes like that hand soap at the sink in your bathroom. If you choose this route you will want to lather on the soap making sure you wash and rinse thoroughly before storing. You will want to rinse in warm or hot water. 

imageBaby wipes or toy wipes, these can be used to clean off your plug but in no way will it sterilize it nor kill germs that are on the plug. Using wipes you will simply wipe the plug down completely making sure you clean every crevice. I personally use these wipes as a pre-clean method before using a toy cleaner or washing in the sink. 

imageBoiling your glass plug WILL sterilize the No.48 for sharing between orifices, partners or just to keep yourself protected in case you had an infection you knew nothing about as signs weren't there. You can get out a pan and fill it with water place on your stove til you have a rolling boil. Using tongs easily place the plug into the pan and boil for about 5 minutes. You can either let the plug settle in the pot til the water cools of or you can use tongs to carefully remove the plug. You will want to place the HOT plug on a towel to dry as well as cool off before touching and storing.
Do NOT place the plug in cold water while still hot! 1 of 2 things will happen it will either break or weaken the glass which could assist in a break later down the road.

imageTop rack of the dishwasher, you can place your No.48 in the top rack of your dishwasher for a full cycle it's recommend to not use dish soap. The heat from the the dishwasher will sterilize your plug just as it does your dishes.

image10% bleach to 90% water, mix up this solution and soak your No.48 for 5-10 minutes remove and rinse thoroughly and dry before storing. 

-Lubricant Compatibility-
You will want to use a good lubricant when inserting the No.48. Since the Icicles No.48 is made out of glass you can use any type of lubricant you wish. I was sent the Moist Personal Lubricant in the box that the Icicles No.48 arrived in which is a water based lubricant. You can use water based, silicone based, hybrid (silicone & water), or oil based lubricant. The options are endless since it is glass. I personally used a water based anal lubricant from Sliquid called Sassy Booty. I do recommend though that you choose a lubricant that is thick an doesn't run very easily. Thin lubricants tend to not last as long. 

Storing your No.48 is going to be pretty simple, you can store this  a few different ways. 
-Padded Toy Pouch
-Original Packaging
-Sock-This will be a less bulky storage route and cheaper then using a padded toy pouch
-Bubble Wrap 
If you can think of any other ways you can do storage I am open to hear them!

My Experience
I wouldn't call me self an EXPERT or ADVANCED level anal player as I am still getting my feet wet so to speak so I had to work a bit to get the No.48 in place as it was a little on the bigger side of things for me. I felt really full while having the plug in. Seeings as the Icicles No.48 has no texture at all on the plug itself it did help with the ease of getting it into place. I love the look of the flower on the base even with its uneven petals but, that makes each one unique. Beings I have a big booty the flower wouldn't have been seen if I was using it with a partner unless I had spread my cheeks apart. The base did fit comfortably in between my cheeks even when I moved around with it in place. With the shaft being there it also helped the plug stay in place and didn't make it want to pop out like I have had happen with another plug I own. 
I used the Icicles No.48 at room temperature which is cold enough for me. Once removed and cleaning it I could feel the heat it was holding in which was pretty much what my body temperature was. Since I am the ONLY one who uses my toys I used an antibacterial toy spray to clean my Icicles No.48 before storing.
 I found this easy to clean as well as store. I personally use the original packaging to store most all of my toys in. 

Body Safe
Temperature Play
Can Be Sterilized

Size (for some)
Designed More Towards Women With The Design 

I will say my overall experience was pretty positive with the Icicles No.48, but I am not sure how much use I will get out of it when it comes to the anal department as its a little on the big side for me. Maybe in the future it will get used more if not it will work great as a pussy plug. 

I will rate this a 4/5 

Thanks so much to Pipedream Products for sending out the Icicles No.48 free of charge in exchange for an honest & unbiased review. 

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