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13 May 2014

Pleasure Purse Review

I know many of my readers are ALWAYS looking for the perfect storage bag, case or box for all your fun personal items, lingerie and sex  toys. I know many have kids that like to be nosy an you are scared they are going to find your toys and ask a million questions that you don't even want to begin to explain. Some of you live with your parents or family of some sorts an you worry they will come across your sexual items an either ask a million questions because they are against you using them or they want to know more about buying their own. Are you a college student who has roommates? Want to hide your toys from them as well I have your answer, it is the Pleasure Purse
Below you will find their story I snagged from their website at

Our Story

Thank you for considering the Pleasure Purse, we sincerely appreciate it.  The idea came to us five years ago when our kids started to get snoopy.  We wanted something lockable to hide the toys.   After searching for a purse that could also be discreetly taken on romantic rendezvous and not being able to find anything, we decided to make our own.  Resulting in requests from friends for something similar we decided to turn it into a business.   We began this journey 4 years ago.  It has been a great experience from the concept through the design stages and up to selling of this product.  We are very excited for the launch of our new online store. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to talk to you!
We are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Feel free to call Leah at 1-403-630-5324 anytime.

What is the Pleasure Purse made out of? There are a few materials used when it comes to the Pleasure Purse but it is mostly made of genuine leather that is crafted so well and beautifully. The outer part of the Pleasure Purse, the handles and the comfort pad on the should strap are smooth, soft leather. The inside liner and the additional toy pouch are made out of satin. Inside you will also find some nylon used for the side pouches that are made to look like netting. When it comes to the should strap it is made of metal for the lobster claw clips, nylon as well as leather. 

The touch of the leather that the Pleasure Purse is made out of is super soft an isn't a textured leather that you would find on most leather purses. To care for the materials used I would recommend using either a slightly dampened cloth or a leather cleaner if you need to clean the outside of your Pleasure Purse. The insides I would recommend using a damp cloth to wipe it clean if you have spillage of lube in your bag. 

I absolutely love the design on the Pleasure Purse, I have actually looked at several storage options even for review purposes but nothing jumped out and screamed "ME PICK ME" til I came across the Pleasure Purse. Most all other storage options I have looked at also didn't have all the room the Pleasure Purse has to offer. When it comes to other options they are usually a flashy color that screams "LOOK INSIDE!"  When you are trying to avoid people wanting to know what is inside as it is your "secret" that you would like to keep. Nothing about the Pleasure Purse screams "I HAVE A SECRET COME LOOK" as it is plain on the outside other then the company logo which is just two PP's which could stand for almost anything. Also with the versatility that comes with the Pleasure Purse you don't always have to use it for your sexy things you can also use it for your items you don't want others to use while you are staying at their home such as your personal care items.
As you can see the Pleasure Purse is BIG and spacious I took my own measurements and will list them in the proper areas of the review. I know most look for LOTS of storage room when looking at pleasure storage options.
My measurements for the bag were:
image17 inches wide
image10 inches deep
image8 inches wide on the sides

Let's take a good look of the design of the Pleasure Purse. One thing you want aside from a discreet looking storage bag is lost of pockets for storage and organization! Guess What? Yes, the Pleasure Purse has several pockets to organize and separate things. You can see to the right the many views of the outside of the Pleasure Purse. It looks vary plain on the outside but don't worry the inside doesn't look plain at all and in a few you will see what I am talking about!! 
The outside is pretty Plain Jane which is what most are looking for when they are looking for toy storage for all of their adult products. Plain on the outside but fun, flirty and sexy on the inside. The inside is lined with leopard print satin as well as the extra storage bag that is include is made out of the same leopard print satin. This is all I could ask for in a storage bag, but would probably like liner options even though I have no issue with the leopard print! The leopard print is vibrant reaches out and grabs which is great that its on the inside so it doesn't attract attention to your items. In the bottom zipper compartment you will see that the leopard print is still present but is light or inside out so to speak which is okay and gives the purse a unique look.

You can see the zipper across the bottom of the purse, this is a pocket that is sealed with a zipper however this zipper cannot be locked. 
So whatever you may decide to store in there you will want to make sure it is rate G or PG in case little ones find your Pleasure Purse and try to peek inside we all know they will look where they can even if the majority is off limits. This theory also goes along with those who have nosy family members or roommates. You wouldn't want to store anything that would give away what could possibly be in the lockable compartment of your purse. Since the pocket on the bottom lays flat you could simply store you sexy undies, hosiery, DVDs as long as they aren't porn, makeup, lingerie or even just a regular change of clothes.  The bottom zipper compartment is the full length and width of the Pleasure Purse
On the backside of the Pleasure Purse you will find 2 smaller pockets that have no type of closure so of course you don't want to put naughty stuff in those pockets! The pockets are a decent size to tuck some things away that you would need on a trip that aren't sexual related. The 1st pocket that is on the bottom measures in at 8.25 inches and is 7.5 inches deep. The 2nd pocket above the 1st is a little smaller measuring in at 3 inches wide and 4 inches deep. These pockets are also lined in the leopard print satin. Since there aren't any zippers or locks on these pockets you can use them for your keys, cellphone, lipstick, lip gloss, gum, cigarettes pretty much anything that is small enough to fit in these pockets that won't hurt it if it seen.

Let's talk about the pockets inside and the main storage compartment now.
The main inside compartment is HUGE and can hold a TON of stuff I will show those pictures below and list out what all went in my Pleasure Purse. Aside from the main compartment you have 1 enclosed zipper pocket, 1 netted zipper pocket and 2 netted pockets that aren't able to be closed. The big zipper pocket is 12.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep. The netted zipper pocket is 6 inches wide 4.5 inches deep and last but not least the 2 netted pockets that have no closure to them measure in at 3.25 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep. Lots and lots of space in this purse! The satin storage pouch measures in at 13.25 inches long and 9.5 inches wide so you can easily fit several toys or your lingerie in there. 

Now the fun begins.....

How Much & What Did I Put In My Pleasure Purse?
I will try to list out everything I put into my Pleasure Purse for you as well as share pictures that I have of things before they went in and after they were in the purse. The photo to the Left is EVERYTHING I put into my Pleasure Purse
.Coquette Rocker Chic Babydoll
.Lelo Satin Cuffs
.Lelo Satin Blind Fold
.Lelo Mia2
.Lelo Ina2
.Geisha Balls 
.Neon Nites Ruffle Bikini
.6" Zane Pumps By Ellie
.Leaf Fresh
.Vixskin Mustang
.Nempho's Desire 
.Disposable Cock Ring 

.Toy Wipes
.Mini Twistty Dil by Maitoys
.Cal Exotic Sweetheart Wand
.Flower Petals 
.Wevibe Salsa 
.Ceramix No.4 by Pipedream
.Blue Swirl Dildo
.Coconut Splash Vibe from Blush Novelties
.Icicles No.48 by Pipedream
.Wireless Bullet by Maitoys 
.Erosillator 2 & Attachments
.Toy Cleaner
.8oz Pump Bottle of Spunk Lube                                                                         

I was able to fit TWENTY FIVE items in my Pleasure Purse and I still had more room that I could have added more lingerie, more toys or my throe. You can see from the pictures that everything fit perfectly fine and still had tons of room. So even if you aren't planning to take your Pleasure Purse on a weekend getaway and are just looking for something to hide your toys in at home this is a MUST.

Quality Check
Even with the price tag value of $119 it is still so very worth it. I have seen so many reviews on locking toy chests that were poorly made and the locks were pretty generic and could easily be picked open that costed about the SAME if not MORE then the Pleasure Purse. You do NOT have to worry about that when it comes to the Pleasure Purse. An I want to mention, the price of this purse really isn't that bad considering it is genuine leather and put together so very well! Most other toy storage options I have seen have been made with vinyl or cheap metal, you won't have any of that with the Pleasure Purse. From top to bottom I am very pleased with my Pleasure Purse, the ONLY flaw I found was right inside by the main zipper some of the satin was fraying which isn't too big of a deal. Being made of great quality and very discreet if someone asks me about a toy storage option I will for sure be recommending the Pleasure Purse. I also love the size of the matching storage bag as it can hold a lot as well whether it be lingerie or my Erosillator, it's wall plug as well as all the attachments for it.

Under Lock & Key
Aside from the lock & keys being super cute they are well made! Usually when you get a storage box you end up with a locking mechanism similar to what was on your diary as a child, that your siblings were able to easily pick an read all your secrets that you thought were so safe. The lock is black and red an it's in the shape of a heart! How cute is that? You can see the lock isn't thin nor flimsy. It does have the Pleasure Purse Logo on it but no one is going to know what those 2 PPs stand for. You will receive 1 lock and 2 keys when your order your Pleasure Purse. If you lose your keys and need to get into your Pleasure Purse there are a few ways to go about this, you can either cut the lock with bolt cutters an order a new set of lock & keys or you can order a back up set of keys with a lock. If you can wait to get to what is inside I would recommend ordering a spare set of keys. You can order the new lock & keys here they are $9.99 which isn't too bad. If you do for whatever reason decide to cut the lock you will NEED to order a new one from Pleasure Purse's website as the lock has to be able to fit in the rings on the zipper. the zipper on the Pleasure Purse have little rings that lock into each other so that your items are secure. When the rings lock into each other like puzzle pieces do and you put the lock through the rings no one will be able to move the zipper to see what is inside.

Final Thought!
As if you really needed a final thought on this one.....
I absolutely LOVE my Pleasure Purse and it has so MANY different uses aside from just hiding your toys in it! Do you stay over a friends for family's often and they like to use your shampoo, soap or other personal care products? You can put a stop to it by using the Pleasure Purse as an overnight bag! Adult Entertainment Industry?! Why do I mention this? Well those who work in the club scene as a dancer you can stash your clothes, money, cell phone, hair care products, makeup and so much more in this purse! I highly recommend this even if you don't like the liner as I am sure many aren't fond of animal prints but if you don't like animal prints this is an easy to over look "flaw" as some would view it. 

I honestly have NOTHING to report that I wasn't pleased with. Yes, I mentioned some fraying but that wasn't a huge ordeal. Some who are vegan might find this to be a non fitting item for them since it is made of leather. I have no issue with it being made of leather! I would like to see some color options available when it comes to the lining you don't have to have a million colors or patterns available just a few common ones to choose from. 

So I give the Pleasure Purse a rating of:

Seriously though check them out at the link below!!!!

Shop online here
Like Them On Facebook 
Follow Them On Twitter
Thank you so much Pleasure Purse for allowing me to work with you all!


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