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18 May 2014

Curve Queen Strapless Lace Dress By Fantasy Lingerie

So the wonderful folks over at Tabutoys did it again! I love seeing new things added to their site and I was able to score this sexy lace dress!

I was excited when I found the Curve Queen Strapless Lace Dress By Fantasy Lingerie. It is super cute and I just had to have it! I was extremely excited when I saw that this dress was PLUS SIZE and NOT ladies sizes. This lace dress is available in sizes 1x/2x and 3x/4x. I am always in heaven when I find new plus sized lingerie that is super cute and sexy because well we plus sized ladies like to feel sexy as well as look it. 
The Curve Queen Strapless Lace Dress is made out of 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex. Having the 10% Spandex will allow this piece to stretch to fit you better or to move with you when you are moving around in it. Nylon can usually be a little scratchy but I didn't experience that with the Curve Queen Strapless Lace Dress which is a PLUS especially being on your bare nipples.

There are 2 different ways that you can wear this dress you can wear it 
without the sides scrunched and tied or 
with the sides scrunched an tied. 
You could also be a little different and tie up only one side to give the shorter on one side sexier effect. The bottom of the dress has a scalloped design around it.
You will find tie ribbons on both sides of the dress, these are used to get the scrunch tied up look. I like the dress both ways but having the sides tied and scrunched brings in a sexier look in my opinion. This dress is more so for in home, bedroom or club scene if you are a dancer since it is very see through. If you wanted to wear this out in public you could probably wear a bikini set underneath it to cover your breasts. 
 I have a few measurements we will talk about here in a minute. I want to mention that I received the Curve Queen Strapless Lace Dress in the 3x/4x size. I fell into the sizing categories for both 1x/2x and 3x/4x so I went with the larger of the sizes. I don't list out my actual size and weight for personal reasons, but I did fall into the 3x/4x bracket given on the Fantasy Lingerie size chart. Right between where your breasts are at in the top you will find a black ribbon that is attached that adds to the outfit. The measurements I will be listing below are that of the dress itself not my measurements.

 Curve Queen Strapless Lace Dress measures in at:

Top-across the top it measures 16.5 inches across when not stretched
If you were to stretch the top as far as it will allow you it will be 26 inches approximately fully stretched out.
This will give you an around about way to find out if it will for sure fit you. 
Length-when both sides are untied the dress from above the breasts to the bottom of the dress is 30 inches long. When having the sides tied and scrunched up the dress at the shortest point is 20 inches long. 

With the Curve Queen Strapless Lace Dress you will get a matching thong but if you aren't a thong person I am sure you could easily find a pair of black boy shorts such as these to wear with the dress. I have these Dreamgirl Crotchless Thong Boy Shorts in my lingerie collection and they are super comfy and would go great with this Curve Queen Strapless Lace Dress. To the right you will see the thong that comes with the Lace Dress. They are cute, match the dress and fit well for the most part but they aren't my favorite style to wear. 
The measurements for the thong are as follows:
Waist-19 inches when not stretched and they stretch to approximately 27 inches which means they will fit most body shapes and sizes.
The front lace panel on the thong is 7 inches wide at the widest part, so it does have a little bit of coverage.
Most of the time I look for undies sexy or not that have a cotton crotch liner as cotton helps your vagina breath a little better. There is a SMALL liner in the thong that comes with the Curve Queen Strapless Lace Dress, it measures in at 2 inches in length and 1.5 inches width wise. The wide of the T-Back part of the thong is also 1.5 inches width wide.

The Curve Queen Strapless Lace Dress arrived in a box that has the dress photographed on the front as well as the back of the box. The box also displays the size chart that Fantasy Lingerie follows. Inside you will find your dress and thong folded up and in a plastic bag that is sealed. I can say the packaging isn't over the top or all that extravagant but it all can be put in the recycling bin. You will see the model on the front and back of the box. They photoshopped her nipples our so the packaging isn't all that provocative as it doesn't show actually nudity. As I said it isn't the best packaging but when it comes to the lingerie or clothing side of things. You don't want to keep the packaging anyways unless it came on a cute sexy hanger but even then you would be tossing the plastic bags. All of my packaging will be heading to the recycle bin. 

You will also find the sizing chart to be able to find out if it is the size you are needing. 
To the right you have all the sizing information you will need. I will add in the information from Tabutoys website.
Cup Size-D/DD
Molded Cup-D/DD
Molded Cup-DD/F

As I mentioned earlier I fell into the size charts on both the 1x/2x and 3x/4x I went with the larger of the sizes to be on the safe side which usually works in my favor. This go around though it partly worked in my favor, the dress fit PERFECT in the breast area!! It fit so so in the tummy area I felt like a stuffed sausage which isn't a good feeling. When it came to fitting over my rear that was the biggest struggle with the sizing it was super tight over my rear. This best fit me with the sides scrunched and tied up. I have to say that this lingerie line does run small but I was able to fit in it and once I got past the stuff sausage feeling I felt sexy in the Curve Queen Strapless Lace Dress. So if you fall in both categories I would recommend going up a size if you fall in the higher measurements in the 1x/2x I would recommend going up in size.
The thong though fits well a little on the big side but I can always substitute undies for that issue.

As with all lingerie it goes the same way as the last!
Hand wash in cold water 
Do NOT use bleach 
Hang or lay flat to dry
Well because I march to the beat of my own drum, I wash mine in the washing machine on delicate! I have a front load washer without an agitator. If your washer has an agitator I would skip the delicate cycle and hand wash as it can get caught on the agitator. An just as not hand washing I don't always hang to dry I use the air dry or delicate cycle on my dryer as well. 
To store your Curve Queen Strapless Lace Dress you can either hang it up in the closet, folded in a drawer or you can place the dress with matching thong in a Ziploc bag to keep the whole outfit together.

My Experience
Well I kinda touched base on my experience throughout the review but I have to say I love this piece even if it is a little on the tight side. I have no regrets on adding this flirty sexy little dress to my lingerie closet. 

I rate this a 4 out of 5 even though I love it I have to knock off a point since it does run on the small side. 

Thanks so much to Tabutoys for sending out this dress!!

Also in my shipment I received their new catalog!

Want to own the Curve Queen Strapless Lace Dress? Well you can by clicking on any of the links throughout my review!
Shop online HERE
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