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05 April 2011

So Its Been FOREVER it Seems

Time for a much needed update (:
So far Scentsy is going really well I got my First Recruit and Certified in my FIRST week!!! Now sales have slowed down big time. Hopefully things pick up again I would love to reach all levels of Success before my 70 days are up. If not I have come this far in almost 3 weeks. I have another Recruit that is signing under me come the middle of the month! I am super EXCITED that my team is growing like a wild weed (exaggeration I know) but I am super excited. I also put up a display in a Beauty Salon that my mom goes to with a warmer,catalogs,order forms,samples,business cards and the bar of choice that the owner wanted to warm for all her customers to smell. I am going to go check on that tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully all is going well with that.

On another note the Army has pissed me off for the Millionth time we can't go Active Duty because of the business rules which if you ask me is bullshit!! Why take in someone who has NEVER served over someone who has served and has the training they need to do the missions and deployments?!?! They want the ones they HAVE to train which again makes NO sense what so ever to me. I however believe its BULLSHIT that my husband had to turn down a rank and drop a rank inorder to fall into the business rules almost 6 months ago. We have been at this for so LONG and he can't go Guard here in Florida because our Guard Units are over strength =( I mean it gets sickening and old every time you turn around and they are throwing another obstacle at you or wanting you to jump through another hoop and we DO just to be told NO!

Home life is okay for the most part just wish a few things were different but we won't go there. I have been laying low and only getting online when need be hence why I haven't posted on my blog in a few days. One thing I would really like to know to is why people like to screw others over or seem to think they can get everything for FREE or little to NO cost!?!?! It does NOT happen that way! I mean I did a giveaway and people want to know how many scent circles they are getting it says in the Description Scent Circle of MY Choice which means ONE not Scent Circles of My Choice. Then to get told oh too bad it wasn't a buddy! I am NOT made of money nor do I have the money to GIVE things away I did the giveaway out of the kindness of my heart as I have received donations for Treats 4 Troops from the page that was holding the giveaway. Some people want everything for FREE and it makes me sick!! Yes I LOVE free stuff but I do know that I have to pay for A LOT of the things I want really bad they are NOT going to just get handed to me. There are several pages who giveaway buddies,warmers,tons of bars or bricks I personally can't afford that if you can congrats I try to please my customers or potential customers but I can't give them the world. They can earn FREE and half priced items by hosting a party through my site if they aren't local or a home party if they are local.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day!! Will save that for another blog don't want to jinks ourselves with the possible outcome of everything <3


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