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21 March 2012

Just Some Random Rants

This blog post will probably be ALL Over the place as it will be nothing but Rants 

Just a few things that piss me off,aggravate me,frustrate me or makes no sense to me.

I just don't get it how is that so MANY people are having babies and I mean this isn't their first or second it is more like their 4th or 10th seriously?!?! Not that I am trying to get pregnant right now just makes me jealous in away knowing that some people can get pregnant just by looking at a man so to speak. I think what gets me the most are the ones who are younger then me or the same age as me being the ones having their 4th and 5th kid. I mean when I see that these people are pregnant they WANT you to say congrats I wish you a smooth pregnancy when that is NOT what I want to say to them. I really want to SCREAM WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! Your kids you already have suffer from medical problems because they are born so close together you don't give your body time to heal where its healthy enough to produce a healthy baby. What gets me even more is the ones who have 4-6 or more kids an they all don't have the same dad!!! I mean yeah I understand that people change and move one but kids by 3 or more different mean is well INSANE If you ask me. I just don't get it one bit...Another thing I just don't get are people who are GROWN but hide their pregnancies from friends and family cause I am guessing they are ashamed or don't want to hear the comments they will make but don't hide it so much that you don't get prenatal health til your last month of pregnancy you are harming an innocent child who didn't ask to be brought into this world plus harming yourself!!! I don't want to leave out those "parents" who don't pay attention to their kids,pawn them off on others so you can go party like you are still free,who leave their kids in shitty and pissy diapers for HOURS without changing them. This IRKS the hell out of me too people who don't watch their kids and let them do what they want. Perfect example I was reading a news story the other day where a 18month old was attacked and KILLED by a neighbors dog...Before you say what does this have to do with anything...The mom was getting groceries out of the car NOT watching the baby hello playpen or room behind a baby gate stupid! Any who her child got out of her site walked across the street to the neighbors got to close to the dog and it attacked!! While yes I feel so sorry for the baby that it had to die that way but I also feel sorry for the dog because they took the dog from it's owners and put him down. If you ask me the dog shouldn't have had to be put down...Why you might ask?!?! You won't agree with that statement I am sure however its NOT the dog's fault or the owner of the dogs fault,the dog was just doing what he was trained to do to PROTECT HIS YARD AND FAMILY while yes I understand it was an 18month old the dog didn't know any better intruder was in his yard so he attacked. It is the irresponsible mother's fault because she was NOT watching the child if the dog didn't kill the baby it could have been hit by a car. A tragedy yes but preventable too!!! Parents who don't use car seats or seat belts for their kids who NEED to be in them. I don't like seeing kids up moving around the car freely while its in motion UGH some people should NOT have kids!!!!!

People who say they are going to do something but do the COMPLETE opposite! If you say you are going to do something then please do it!!! Do NOT say you will and never follow through that is a good way to loose friends or hell even family!! That is one thing that pisses me off is people who can't follow through with what they say empty promises anyone?!? No thanks me either..

I can't stand it when I follow someone on blogger,Facebook or Twitter an I comment that I have followed them but they can't have the common courtesy to do the same for me? I mean I comment on every blog I follow with my bloggy URL so they can find me easily yes I know this is just the internet and what I may post might not interest you but just like you I want to build my blog readers so I can have more opportunities with my blog. I am trying to branch out and do more then just toy reviews which I don't mind doing in fact I LOVE doing them. I need more followers so that I can do giveaways for YOU the readers not for me who doesn't like something that is TOTALLY FREE every now and then? I know I do and I know each and everyone of you do too. 

People who text while driving and don't pay attention to the road!! I mean I have dealt with the issue while driving in my everyday little Toyota as well as dealing with moronic 4wheelers (cars & trucks) while I am in the my 18wheeler they are too damn busy texting or doing who knows what an they are all over the road!!! Worst feeling in the world is driving in a 80,000 pound vehicle and someone starts drifting into your lane or they cut you off!! We can't just stop on a dime dumbasses!!! People who tailgate and ride my ass when I am in my 4wheeler and 18wheeler I mean if you are going to ride my ass can you pretty please take me to dinner first and pull my hair while you ride my ass?!?! 

An my final rant for the night is people who talk like they are black when they are white or well people in general who act like they are a different race! If you were born white please act white,if you were born black please act black if you were born Hispanic please act Hispanic!! I mean even if you are acting your race please learn proper English because even if it is a text or online you want to sound somewhat educated and talking like this I is going to dis girl house IRKS the living hell out of me! Please learn to type too cause well reading things that look like this:
 Bbi its ok I promise I realli du if I can du it u can love I wus wit debo no gud cheating ass fa 9 yrs n we hav 3 kids ta gether it hurt like hell it hurt even more ta sty n him treat me like shyt I had ta realize I wus to gud fa dat n I ben takin care of mi kids fa 7 yrs bi miself even wen we wus tagetha he never spent ne moni on mi kids I had ta finalli put him on child support didnt think it would turn out that he would actualli go to wrk n pay I cant stand his sorri no gud ass he dnt even call da kids bday christmas nun but at this point I dnt care ne more but I am very thankful for the childsupprt he pays I finalli get sum help bbi wat um pretty much sayin is its ok to hurt bbi its normal it may not feel that way n its been 2 yrs n it took that long ta find sum1 who actually cares n he wrks n takes care of mi kids not debo all da moni I get fa childsupport is nothing but pay bac fa all da moni ive spent ova da yrs on mi kids wit no help I jus want u ta knw if u need ta talk or ne thing im hea cus thats the worst ting ta go through but also the best thing cus now u can move on n du u 

Can kill a person's brain trying to figure out what in the hell they are talking about!! An people who type like this: I kNoW gIrL hE tOlD mE tHe SaMThinG! He Is SUch A LiAr I caN't BeliEve hE wOUlD dO SucH a ThiNg!! WOWZA typing that hurt my head "/ I just don't get people they need to learn proper English and how to type things out!!!

AH those are my rants for the day :) 


  1. Hey there! You came by my blog a few days ago and left a message. I am so sorry I am just getting back to you now! I just joined your blog so I am your newest follower :)

    Feel free to come back and rejoin mine. I totally understand your frustration with people that don't have the courtesy to follow you back when you go on their blog and follow theirs. I ALWAYS will follow a blog if a person is so kind to join mine. I just sometimes get busy and distracted, so it may take a couple of days for me to get around to it!

    Anyway, keep up the great work with your blog. It is really looking great!

    I'll be sure to check in from time to time. Thanks again!

    Mia at The Muses Circle

  2. New follower. Thanks for stopping by Enjoy your day.

  3. Welcome ladies thanks for stopping by :) Welcome to my blog feel free to join my blog hop I have going on you can share with your group of readers together we can grow...

    Mia-Yes it takes me a few days as well since I am always on the go :) But I too get around to to following others I make sure I comment so they know I have been there (:

  4. Baby factories piss me off too. Is it really that hard to keep your legs closed.. or take a pill... or insert a ring... It is not rocket science. I'm also sick of people complaining about their pregnancies. I just want to tell them to STFU. Oh... and 17 year olds that get pregnant and then get to have a free college education because of their irresponsibility while I have thousands in student loan debt. Yep... :) I added to your rant! :)

  5. Mary I feel your pain I keep up with your blog and you on Facebook I know your pain all to well with an exception of I haven't gone through the fertility treatments as I can't afford them :( I am here if you ever wanna chat just keep that head up


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