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01 September 2013

G-Vibe By Funtoys

I have seen this vibe around the web on a few fellow bloggers sites, but was introduced to the product from someone from another toy site I was on. I had a good amount of interest but never reached out when I discovered the about 6 months ago. After hearing all the wonderful things about the G-Vibe I just had to reach out an see if I could get one of my very own. There are ENDLESS possibilities when it comes to the G-Vibe. Read on to find out more about what this awesome toy has to offer you. 

I was provided my G-Vibe free of charge in exchange for a review from the wonderful folks over at Funtoys. My review contains photos that I took myself and my opinion of the toy. My review is solely my opinion of the toy and my experience, this isn't influenced due to the item being free. 
This is in compliance of the FTC rules and regulations. 

 The G-Vibe comes packaged very elegantly. I love the packaging its great for storage. The G-Vibe comes in 3 different colors Pink, Purple and Magenta. I got the Pink one. To me its more of a powder pink then a bright pink that a lot of toys are made out of. It is rechargeable which is great for those who prefer toys that don't run on regular store bought batteries. I love the rechargeable aspect of this toy. There are many things I like about the G-Vibe. Read on to find out more about the G-Vibe and my experience with it. 

The G-Vibe is a made of medical grade silicone and is hypoallergenic which is a plus in my book since I use mainly silicone toys. This vibe is not many other vibes out there, made to stimulate your G-Spot you can also use the G-Vibe for vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation just the same. Anyone from beginner to advanced user male or female bodied users there is endless ways to use this toy. I will share a group of photos that were provided in the user manual in which I took photos of an will explain them in detail below. I haven't been able to toy with all of the recommend uses as some don't pertain to me or I am not interested in. 


Here is the photo descriptions for each of the listed photos above going across the top 1-3 middle 4-6 and the bottom row being 7-9
1.) Photo one shows the G-Vibe being inserted vaginally with both of the "ears" inserted inside. *I tried inserting both "ears" but I was unsuccessful when it came to that both didn't fit inside me* 
2.) Photo two is one in the pink (vagina) one in the stink (anal penetration)-I am not really into this type of play but if you are then this might be something you can enjoy. 
3.) Photo three shows nipple stimulation, I however can't  get the G-Vibe to touch both my nipples at the same time. The size and spacing just isn't right.
4.) Photo four shows one of the ways you can use this on a male bodied partner place the "ears" around the shaft of the penis while giving a hand job or while giving a blow job while your mouth works the head.
5.) Photo five is just the front of the guide :) 
6.) Photo six shows using the G-Vibe for clitoral stimulation. You can hold together the "ears" so they in case your clit 
7.) Photo seven shows where the two motors are located 
8.) Photo eight shows the G-Vibe being used for vaginal penetration with clitoral stimulation. 
9.) Photo nine shows testicle stimulation you can place the G-Vibe on your partner's testicles while giving a blow job. 

Other ways to use the G-Vibe would be using it for clitoral stimulation while your partner is penetration you. A male bodied person could easily use this for anal stimulation as well if he chose to. 

The G-Vibe is interestingly designed it has two ears or fingers to it. The G-Vibe is powered by two motors that can be felt throughout the whole shaft and handle even though the motors are placed in the tips of the ears. At the bottom of the base there is an opening that you can slide your fingers into to use as a handle while in use. The handle is very easy to use an the opening is decent size that even those who have big manly hands should have no issue using the handle. The G-Vibe measures in at a total of 9 inches from tip to base with about 6 inches of insertable length and 1 inch thick. 

I didn't really find the design to be intimidating but I have been using toys for awhile now. I don't believe this would be intimidating to a newbie of toys. Since the silicone ears are super flexible the G-Vibe will be able to fit many anatomies since every female isn't built the same. 

Material/Touch/Smell/Caring for Your G-Vibe

As mentioned in the opening statements about the G-Vibe I mentioned that it was made of silicone. According to their website it is made of medical grade silicone according to my search on the web, medical grade silicone is tested for biocompatibility and are appropriate for use when applying medical applications. What silicone means for me is that its hypoallergenic, latex and phathlates free. I have a picky vagina so I can only use certain materials without having a reaction. With the G-Vibe being silicone it also means I can sterilize it after use, meaning if I have an infection an showed no signs right away I can bleach my toy and be good to go the next time I want to use it. Silicone is a nonporous material so it doesn't hold bodily fluids in the material causing nasty bacterial growth like other toy materials can.  Since silicone can be sterilized, if you share toys with partners you don't have to worry about covering the toy with a condom which would prove to be a challenge with the shape of the G-Vibe. If you plan to share though clean between partners. 

Silicone can come in many textures and densities, the G-Vibe is very smooth with no texture at all on the ears or shaft. I like that the smoothness of the vibe has a satiny finish to it. The silicone of the G-Vibe isn't 100% solid it does have some plushness to it which is great for those who can't take on toys that have some girth to them. 

There is absolutely NO smell whatsoever when it comes to silicone and I found that to be true when it came to my G-Vibe. 

There is a ring around the center of the vibe and in the center of the handle that is made out of plastic. Plastic is known to be nonporous, hypoallergenic, latex free and phathalates free.

Caring for your G-Vibe is pretty simple I would recommend using a water based lubricant with the G-Vibe since its silicone. If you use only silicone or hybrid lubes I would recommend spot testing somewhere on the base of the toy to make sure there won't be any reaction with the material. If no reaction then feel free to move forward using the lube of your choice. The Funtoys website states that is doesn't recommend using silicone lube either to use a water base lubricant. I don't have this issue as all my lubes that I use are water based. 

To clean your G-Vibe you can do any of the following 
1.) Antibacterial Soap and Warm/Hot water *the G-Vibe is water resistant according to the site so you should be able to clean the toy in water with no issues. I don't recommend submerging it into water though as it doesn't state being 100% waterproof.
2.) Antibacterial toy cleaner you can pick these up online from Amazon, online toy shops or even a local toy store if you are lucky enough to have one nearby. If you don't have access to any of the above listed ways to get toys cleaners look for a local sex toy consultant to get a toy cleaner. 
3.) 10% bleach and water solution-Just make sure that you rinse your toy thoroughly after wiping it down with the bleach solution. If you share your toys with other partners this is the best way to disinfect/sterilize your toys to avoid the spread of STIs. 

Storing your G-Vibe is simple as it comes with an awesome hard cardboard box that you could use for storage if you are they type of person who likes to store toys in original packaging. If you want a less bulkier way to store your G-Vibe have no fear it comes with its own storage pouch. That the G-Vibe and charger fit into easily, but as you can see its not very discreet if you are trying to go that route. You can see through the bag, I don't have any issues with privacy as my toys are stored out in the open so this would not bother me if people could see through the bad. The bag is made of a silky material and is white with the FT in a red box on the front. You can easily close the bag using the handy red drawstrings. My bag has a slight smell to it and to me it smells like new shoes. Odd yes I know. 

Charging your G-Vibe is pretty simple, it comes with a charger that is for charging via a USB port on a computer. If you have an adapter for wall charging you could use that as well, I use my computer to charge my G-Vibe. According to the information on the site it says that it takes up to 8 hours for the initial charge. I found that my G-Vibe was charged within about an hour or two for the first initial charge. With a full charge one should get about 4 hours of playtime out of it, I would assume if you are like me an use your vibes on the highest level of power you would get less playtime out of the charge.  To charge you would simply find the little flap on the bottom of the base, I had to "break the seal" so to speak my charging port was sealed so I had to pull it apart. Simply take the slim end that isn't plugged into the USB port an slide it into the bottom of the vibe.Once it is plugged in the control panel will illuminate with a flashing white light. When its fully charged you will see a steady illumination, once you see this remove your G-Vibe from the charger to avoid overcharging. One thing I find odd or neat depending on how you want to look at it most toys that are rechargeable do NOT turn on while charging. however inquiring mind of mine wanted to see if this was true about the G-Vibe. While having it plugged into my computer charging I reached over an pushed the power button an yep it started to vibrate away. I don't recommend using it while its in the charging stage though. 

I find the controls simple and to the point. The control pad of the G-Vibe has THREE simple easy to push buttons. The is a plus (+) to turn on the G-Vibe the (+) sign also controls the speed to get to the higher settings of vibrations, this button is the first button at the top. The second button you will find is the wavy (~) button this changes the pattern of vibrations there are 6 total patterns you can find a picture below that depicts the patterns. The bottom button is a minus (-) sign this decreases the speed of vibrations as well as turns off your G-Vibe. I personally found the buttons easy to use, I didn't change patterns or speed in use but I would say that they would be pretty easy to change in use. I didn't have any issues accidentally changing the patterns or speed during play either. 

The functions are pretty simple you can have steady vibrations on several different intensity settings or you can have patterns. Below you will see the pattern chart, this pattern chart comes from the Funtoys website. I am not into patterns and prefer steady vibrations when I play. 

If you prefer deep rumbly vibrations the G-Vibe might not work out for you as I found the vibrations to be more buzzy then rumbly. I was able to get off on these vibrations but some people including myself find that you can get a numbing sensation with buzzy vibrations. 

I didn't really hear much of a sound coming from the G-Vibe I wouldn't say that it was whisper quiet but I don't believe you would be able to hear it through a closed door. I know I usually have the T.V. or radio on when I am playing so if that would make you feel better then I would do the same. I live with other people an they didn't know what I was doing on the other side of my door as they didn't hear it. 


As I showed and touched a bit on the packaging in the beginning of my review I will go a little more in depth now. I love the packaging for the G-Vibe its very sturdy and good for storage as well as gift giving. Down side is it isn't very discreet it has a picture of the G-Vibe on the box and states that its an "Orgasms Delivery"  The packaging would be great for gifting as well if you weren't too worried about people knowing what was inside. Once you open the magnetic flap you will find your G-Vibe laying on top in a foam holder. To find the user manual, storage bag and charger you would simply pull the little red ribbon tab. Underneath you will find everything super organized. 

Overall Experience
Overall I was impressed with my G-Vibe I was able to climax without issue. My favorite way to use this is having one ear inserted vaginally while using the other ear for clitoral stimulation. While I found the vibrations to be more on the buzzy side of things I never got the numb feeling I have gotten with other toys. I would say on a power scale of 1-5 and 5 being the highest this is about a 4.5 when it comes to sound on a scale of 1-5 I would say this has a 1. I wasn't really able to hear it over the T.V. or radio while in use. 

Thank you to the folks over at Funtoys for providing me with the G-Vibe free of charge for review. Check them out and get your G-Vibe today. 

1 comment:

  1. Glad it worked for you. It did not work for me and I only liked it with the one finger inserted and the one finger on clit as well. Thanks for the great review!


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