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07 October 2013

Ola My New Squeeze

I reached out to the folks over at Minna Life about reviewing their Ola vibrator which is a unique toy an not like any other toy I have in my collection. With it's new technology and interesting design Ola is controlled by you with just a squeeze of your hand/fingers you make your own patterns. Ola is NOT your traditional vibrator even though a glance at her design may have you confused that she is more than a traditional toy she really isn't when it comes to the design of the insertable part. For the most part she is traditional til it comes to the way her patterns are controlled. If you like steady vibrations that are high speed or you like the slightest vibrations that you can barely feel this is for you. The options are endless when it comes to Ola you can have soft slow vibrations or fast strong vibrations, pulsating or escalating the choice is your's. You can hop in the shower or use your Ola in your bed. Ola's intended use is for vaginal penetration I would not recommend using her anally as there is no flared base. Silicone, waterproof and customisable patterns. Ola comes in 2 vibrant colors Pink and Violet, I received mine in the color Violet.

If you are a size queen  you might be disappointed by Ola she measures in at a total length of almost 8 inches long taking her bends and curves into consideration that is. I couldn't find the measurements on the Minna Life website so I did some searching via Google to find measurements an compare them to what I come up with as well when I measure it myself. With the shaft measuring at 5.5 inches to 6 inches I would only recommend inserting 4 inches of that to avoid inserting the charger connection. While Ola is waterproof I would not want to insert the charging connections inside me. Ola isn't girthy at all she has a diameter of 1.25 inches which isn't all that thick to some but could be a little thicker for others. The control pad of Ola is about 2 inches long and 1.5 inches wide depending on the size of your fingers you can fit two to three fingers on the control pad. 


The main material of Ola is body safe silicone, this is an overlay or skin underneath the skin is plastic. Since the part you are inserting into your body is the silicone skin you don't have to worry about not being able to sterilize the material when done. Silicone is nonporous, latex free, phthalates free, odorless and hypoallergenic, meaning that non of your bodily fluids will get trapped in the material of Ola. That is one thing I love about silicone, if you are allergic to a lot of materials I would suggest trying out silicone toys. While silicone is non porous I would still recommend using a condom if you are planning to share Ola between yourself and a partner. Make sure the condom will be compatible with the silicone some condoms use silicone lube that may react with the silicone of Ola. If you are into texture you won't find that with Ola, she is super smooth and texture free which isn't a bad thing at all. I have noticed some silicone materials have drag to them with and without lubrication, without lube and running Ola over my skin I didn't experience drag which is a plus. The buttery smooth silicone glides with no issue at all. 

Controls & Functions

When it comes to the controls of Ola, I found them pretty easy to use once I knew what each button did. There are several things you need to know when it comes to operating and charging Ola, I will go into details as much as possible on each one. Ola is rechargeable so you won't have to worry about buying batteries or having the right size on hand. On the shaft of Ola you will see a white area with 4 silver dots, this is your charger connection area. Ola's charger has magnetic connection and the USB charger makes it easy to charge while you are online browsing, simply plug it in to your computer while you work. If you don't want to use your computer to charge Ola get an adapter so you can plug her into the wall to charge. Between the manual and what I have read in other reviews Ola SHOULD be charged and ready to go after 3 hours of charging however, I found that not to be my case. It took using my computer to charge Ola while I worked a little over 4 hours for my Ola to be fully charged. How will you know Ola is charging? When you plug her in the two control buttons light up with a white light an they flash very slow while she is charging once she is fully charged both buttons will glow solid. Remove Ola when she is done charging ( I am not sure if she can be overcharged). A full charge should last 1-2 hours of playtime depending on how you are using the speed and patterns. 
To power on Ola you will want to hit the bottom button once you will feel a pulsations an the bottom button will light up while other flashes, this signals that Ola is on. The pulsations when you power on Ola lets you know what the charge is on the battery. Three pulses means she is fully charged, 2 has a medium charge one pulse or none means she is needing to be brought back to life, place her on the charger. Once you have your Ola on, squeeze the bubble pad for vibrations you can either push it while you have it inserted or if you want you can create a pattern and save it!!!! If you save your pattern you can be free to use your hands in other ways. To create a pattern of your own simply hit the top button on Ola or the (ring button), once you do this it'll flash slowly as it awaits to record your pattern of choice. To start making your own pattern or just to record steady vibrations push on the bubble pad as soft or as hard as you want, this will depend on how you want your vibrations to vary. If you want a pattern squeeze an release or squeeze in the way you want your pattern to play back to you. When you believe you are ready to "save" your pattern simply press the top (ring button) again an both buttons will glow solid, this will now free up your hand an play back your pattern til you are done with your session. Note though once you power off Ola your pattern will be erased so you get to create a new pattern each time you play. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Ola
If you travel with your toys and worry that they'll be turned on and vibrate away in your bag or luggage, have no fear Ola has a travel lock. If you want to travel with Ola simply disconnect the charger cord from the adapter. The metal port you will want to insert into the ring where there is a metal "dot" on the top of the control pad, once this is inserted push down an at the same time squeeze the control pad. Doing this releases all air out of the control pad, this is suppose to prevent vibrations from happening. Sadly the "travel lock" isn't 100% I was still able to make Ola vibrate even without air in the control pad. If you travel with Ola altitudes can affect the air in the control pad, if you notice the your control pad is "dimpled" or appears to be going flat you will want to inflate/vent Ola. You can do this simply the same way you let all the air out but you won't squeeze the air out you will put the charging port into the vent hole on top an push or wiggle it in the hole, this will air Ola back up.  

I would describe Ola's vibrations to be pretty rumbly but the higher the speed they feel a little buzzy to me. Most of the vibrations are felt in the shaft of the vibrator which is a plus, no one wants a numb hand. For the most part Ola is pretty quiet but she can be heard over the sheets if there is no background noise. If you are worried that someone will hear you using her I would recommend closing your door an turning on the T.V. or radio for background noise. I believe if you chose to use her in the shower the water running would drown out the sound of her vibrations.

One thing I figured out while playing around with Ola that I didn't read in the manual or other reviews is she has a "smart sense" meaning that after about 2 minutes of inactivity she turns herself off saving your battery for you. 

Ola is waterproof so if you like to play in the shower or bath she can go along with you as she is 100% waterproof. This is even a plus for those like myself who don't even take our toys to the shower but wash them in the sink or are prone to squirting. This gives a peace of mind that it won't get ruined when you have a major orgasm if you are a squirter. 

 I love the packaging that Ola comes in while it has a classy look and feel to it, it is far from classy with pictures of Ola on it. The cylinder container is white and purple for the most part. On the bottom part it has a mission statement from Minna Life. The front of the package has Ola pictured and on the back there is a brief description of what she has to offer in 5 different languages. When you go to open the container you will need to remove the little clear circle seal stickers from around the bottom and top of the package that holds it closed. Once this is done you can simple pull the two parts apart. When you get it open you will see Ola standing in a foam holder, she kinda looks like a snake sitting there. You can remove Ola from her stand and set her aside, there are thumb/finger indents to make it easy to remove the holder Ola sits in. Underneath you will find the following:the charger, user manual, storage pouch and a Minna Life sticker. While the packaging is pretty sturdy most will find it unfit to use for storage so that is where the included toy pouch comes in handy. For myself I always keep the packaging especially if there is a warranty on the item. So my Ola and all her odds and ends are stored in the package she arrived in. 

When it comes to caring for Ola it is pretty simple really, with her being waterproof there are several ways to clean her. 
1.)Toy Wipes/Baby Wipes
2.)Antibacterial Toy Cleaner 
3.)Warm/Hot Water and Antibacterial Soap
4.)10% Bleach Solution*-This is the ONLY way you can sterilize Ola for sharing or in general. You will want to wipe her down or soak her for 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly and let dry. 
Even though Ola is waterproof do NOT put her in the dishwasher or a boiling pot of water as it can damage her motors an this wouldn't be covered under the One Year Warranty that she has. In all cleaning situations make sure Ola is completely dry before storing. 
I recommend using lubrication with Ola if you need to because you need the extra lubrication or aren't the type to produce a lot of natural lubrication. If you choose to use lubricant it is recommend to use a Water Based lube as silicone and hybrid lubes can react with the silicone. If you MUST use anything other then a water based lube, spot test somewhere on the toy that won't be inserted. If there is a reaction clean the toy right away an know not to use that lubricant with Ola

When you store Ola you can either use the container she was shipped in as I do or you can toss it an store everything in the silky storage pouch that Minna Life has provided with her. If you choose to store her without a pouch or container make sure she doesn't touch other toy materials as reaction can happen an you will have more then one destroyed toy. 

My Experience With Ola

So after being able to use Ola, I can say it was enjoyable yet awkward. If you don't set a pattern it can be awkward to use her. When I used Ola I made a preset pattern of my own, this made it easier for me to use her if I would have used her with bubble up so I could make a pattern while in use it wouldn't have worked for me. If used without a preset/recorded pattern you make on your own the curve that Ola has will be pointing to the back wall of the vagina which for some it could work. If you want G-Spot stimulation making a pattern of your own while inserted would be odd as the pad you push to make your vibrations would be facing down an not so easy to reach. I love that I can make my own pattern, the size of Ola is a bit much for me when it comes to thrusting her but I was still able to use her for other purposes. I was able to do kegels with her inserted in she didn't budget at all, several toys I have tend to slip out if not held into place. I personally didn't need any lubricant while using her, some silicone toys have a drag to them this wasn't present with Ola. As I mentioned in the function section about the vibrations being rumbly yet buzzy on the higher setting, I can say in use I didn't feel ANY buzziness which is a plus for me. Working my kegels out with Ola is wonderful I know with some of the cheaper toys if there is any type of give my muscles stop the motor, luckily for Ola is solid so I don't have to worry about that. 
One thing I dislike a lot about Ola is the placement of the charger connection, I don't want that inside of me an I think it could have been placed better then on the shaft. 

All in all I love that its made of silicone and I can create my own patterns, will Ola be my go to toy probably not but she will get plenty of use out of her. 

I will say for power 4/5 and sound is a 1/5 she is very quiet, if no background noise then she will be heard over the sheets but no through a closed door. 

To get your own Ola you can purchase one from GoodVibrations
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  1. That is a really neat toy and I love the color. It is also neat you can preset your own patterns. I am glad you like Ola.

    1. Thanks Heaven,
      Yes it is really a neat toy and love I make my own patterns and can change them when I want,


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