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24 November 2013

Oh No There Goes Tokyo-Tokyo Design Mode Review

I was able to pick out a new item from Tabu Toys, I was asked if I wanted to review another dildo or if I wanted to move on to a different category. As you will see I moved on to the vibrators section since I seen they had some new vibes that looked very interesting. When I seen the Tokyo Design Mode I knew it was something I HAD to try an add to my collection. I love dual function toys especially rabbit style vibes. I was excited since it had some features that I enjoy during foreplay with a partner so I had some high hopes on this one. Read on to find out more about the Tokyo Design Mode an find out if it made the cut in my book.


The Tokyo Design Mode has many purposes to it, it was designed to massage the G-Spot, clitoris as well as the perineum an has dual motors inside. Mode is offered in 4 colors Pink, Lavender, Orange and Black but Tabu Toys only offers it in black. Made with 100% body safe silicone. With a very oddly shaped head that is designed to massage the G-Spot, has a narrow part at the tip an makes for easy insertion. The bump in the top of the shaft moves back and forth as if you were being fingered this has its own control apart from the clitoral attachment. The clitoral attachment has its own motor, is about an inch long, is flexible and has little "bristle" like feelers on the tip. You will find a tail on the back towards the bottom of the shaft this is meant to stimulate the perineum. 

In no way do I find the Mode intimidating, it has a slim shaft that measures in at 1.25 inches in diameter. The shaft itself is pretty short as well the overall length is 7 inches long with only 4 of those inches being insertable. I find that beginners to intermediate users could get use out of this particular vibrator. If you are a size queen an like the full feeling this won't work well for that.
Mode is mainly designed for those who are female bodied and for vaginal penetration. Since there is a clitoral arm I would think that you could use this anally with no issue but I would use with caution since the clitoral arm is very flexible. If you choose to use this anally I could see it being used on a male for prostate massaging. If you use this between partners as well as different orifices use a condom or sterilize before doing so. 

Material-What is it Made of?

Mode is made out of body safe silicone, which means it is nonporous, has no smell, latex free, phthalates free and hypoallergenic. If you have had reactions to other toy material like jelly, rubber, TPR or something that wasn't silicone you should be able to use this without issue. Silicone works well with sensitive skinned people. I have a picky vaginal an can't use jelly, rubber, latex and toys made with lesser quality materials as they break me out. Silicone also will not hold bodily fluids they can't be absorbed into the toy which is great if you are prone to get any type of infections or plan to share your toys. 
It is recommended that you use a water based lubricant with silicone toys I was sent a sample of Liquid Silk which I haven't used, but reading up on it Liquid Silk, while advertised as a water based lubricant it is NOT it is a hybrid. The Liquid Silk has dimethicone in it which is a silicone base polymer. I personally used a hybrid lube called Spunk mine was the Pink formula that I got directly from the manufacture. I didn't spot test like I normally would (I recommend spot testing to make sure there is no reaction) there was no damage done by using a hybrid lube. Hybrid means its a perfect blend of water based and silicone based ingredients. 
There is no type of texture on the shaft of the Mode, it is smooth aside from the bump in the tip for the G-Spot massaging. On the clitoral arm there are little feelers that you can feel, they don't really have much texture to them but I could feel them moving around. They don't seem poky and they don't hurt when using it. Sometimes silicone can have a drag to it when used without lubricants, I didn't find that to be true with the Mode when running it across my skin without lube being added.

There is a seam that runs down the middle of the shaft, it can be felt with bare hands, I however couldn't feel it while in use. 

The base of the Mode where you will find the controls is made of plastic that has a velvety overlay.  Plastic is a nonporous material as well as being phthalates free and latex free. At the bottom of the vibe it has 3 little feet on it that are kind of pointy but you won't have to worry about that being an issue while in use. The feet allow you to stand the Mode up on your headboard, nightstand, dresser or counter.  

Controls & Functions

Mode is battery powered by 2AAA batteries that you place in the bottom of the toy. There is a good amount of power from the Mode considering that it is powered by only 2 batteries. You will find on the bottom after you remove the cap a (+) and a (-) showing how to put the batteries in, replace cap and make sure it is on tightly. 
You can enjoy the Mode in the bath/shower or in the bed/dry areas, he is waterproof. Make sure before submerging in water though that the clear O-Ring is in place an the battery cap is tight an secure. 

To operate the Mode you will use one or both of the buttons on the control panel. With only 2 buttons it is easy to use and control. The top button controls the G-Spot massager, you will push it once to power it on. There are 3 speed settings on the G-Spot massager to choose the one you want simply hit the button once til you reach the one you want. To turn off you can either push an hold for 3 seconds or push til it stops which is the 4th time you push it from the first setting. 

The bottom button operates the clitoral attachment, push once to power it on. There are 6 different vibration settings. 
1.)Steady Vibration-Low
2.)Steady Vibration-Medium
3.)Steady Vibration-High
5.)Slow Short Pulsation
6.)Combination Off All The Above 

You will push the bottom button once til you get to the setting you want it too works the same as the top button. The control pad illuminates blue when either control is turned on, this is letting you know that you have power an are working. You can feel the vibrations from the clitoral attachment travel down the shaft as well. If you don't like the motion of being fingered you can always turn that option off an just enjoy the vibrations in the clitoral attachment and vice versa. 

On a scale of 1-5 I would say that the Mode clitoral attachment is a 4/5. I will note though that these are buzzy vibrations not deep rumbly ones. I did find that my hand would go numb when holding on to the Mode.

When it comes to sound, if you are a person who likes quiet toys this isn't one you will want to add to your collection. Personally I found it to be on the loud side when the G-Spot massager is on, it gets louder when both motors are running at the same time as well. If you use just the clitoral attachment motor it isn't all that loud. Out of a 1-5 scale I would say that the Mode is between a 2-3/5 which means I would recommend using when no one is home or you play music or have the T.V. on for background noise.


The packaging is pretty awesome for gift giving and storing if you ask me. While it isn't discreet it is sturdy and has some basic information about the  Mode. There are a few parts to the packaging that it comes in, there is a sleeve that slides over the actual box that holds the Mode. When I received my package in the mail an opened it I found the vibe in its box slid into a plastic bag with a lube sample of Liquid Silk Lubricant. I slid the box out of the bag read everything on the box. It gives info stating that it is waterproof, uses AAA batteries (not included), is body safe silicone and more. On the back of the sleeve you will see that you can get Mode in a few different colors that aren't offered on the Tabu Toys website. If you are worried about people knowing what is inside of the box you can always toss the sleeve as the next part of packaging is pretty discreet for the most part. 

Once you remove the sleeve you will find an almost plain white box underneath, the ONLY thing on this is the words Tokyo Design. In all honesty most people will have NO idea what that is, but inquiring minds might snoop so you will have to be careful there. The words are a simple silver lettering. 
Lift the magnetic side flap to reveal the Mode nestled into the plastic holder. If you look to the right an right below the clitoral attachment there is an empty space. I was looking an discovered that the batteries fit in there, why that is there no clue since it states batteries are NOT included an there weren't any batteries inside when I opened it. I personally would suggest that if you choose to keep the packaging for storing to remove the batteries an place in the slots. Removing the batteries can save you toys from accidental battery explosions. It does happen I have had it happen to me with another toy. 
I love when I get good packaging that I can use for storage an not having to worry about how I plan to store my toys if the box gives way. 

Care & Storage
Caring for your Mode is simple, there are a few ways to clean it but only one will sterilize it for sharing. You can use an antibacterial toy cleaner,toy wipes, baby wipes or washing in hot water with an antibacterial soap making sure you get in all the crevices leaving no bodily fluid behind. Take extra time when cleaning the clitoral attachment as the little bristle like feelers can trap fluids so clean with care. Also there is a crease between where the shaft ends an the control panel begins, make sure to clean there really well too as bodily fluids can get in there as well. 
I know many of you have read in my reviews as well as other reviews about silicone being able to be boiled while this is true you will NOT want to do this with items that have motors in them. When a toy has a motor inside you do NOT want to place in a boiling pot of water or in the top rack of the dishwasher!!!! Why you might ask because high temperatures can damage your motors and then you will be left with a dildo instead of a vibrator. 

When using toys always make sure that you are properly lubricated whether it be with your natural lubrication or one out of a bottle. It is recommended to use a water base lube with silicone toys. I however used a hybrid lube that is offered on Tabu Toys only difference is mine is the Pink formula. I successfully used the Pink Spunk lube which is a hybrid water/silicone based, I had no issues with material reaction. If you want to use a silicone lube make sure to spot test before slathering the lube on. Not all "silicone" is true silicone so make sure it is 100% silicone an can be used with a hybrid or silicone lube. 

Storing should be simple you can either use the box it came in, Ziploc bag or a toy pouch. I like to use the packaging all my toys come in even though it is bulky but if I have a warranty on a toy I will need the packaging so it works out for me. I also like to use the packaging to make sure I have it if I plan to give away my toys that can be sterilized. 

My Experience
Now on to the part that I am sure MANY of you have been waiting for....Did the Mode bring me to an Orgasm an did it work the way it was suppose to. I am here to say that I can only rate this a 3/5 for a few reasons. While I was super excited to get the Mode because of the back & forth fingering motion it has, I was let down. The motor is super loud an kind of a turn of in all honesty but the part that let me down the most on that function was it did NOT work. I couldn't feel the "fingering" motions inside me and I love that feeling especially when being on the receiving end of oral. Total let down on that one. I do love the slimmer shaft as most toys with bigger shafts don't workout so well for me unless they have give to them an are squishy. 
The clitoral attachment ROCKED and was packed with AMAZING vibration power, just wish it wasn't so buzzy. If the vibrations where deep and rumbly I would def be in Orgasm Heaven with the Mode. While I did reach orgasm in fact a few with the Mode, it won't be a go to toy sadly. 
I also like the fact that the designer and manufacture made it with 2 controls because I don't always like my internal action the same as my external. Being able to change each individual motor by itself is always a plus. 

So overall I got to orgasm great but downfall there were too many cons for me. I will say that it is pretty decent for the price tag it carries since there are toys with less power and ever lesser materials that run more then the Mode does. 
Each Motor Operates Independently
Great Power 
Loud G-Spot Massage
G-Spot Massger Didn't Work As Intended 
Buzzy Numbing Vibrations

If you think that the Tokyo Design Mode will work for you head on over to Tabu Toys to pick your's up today for $41.00 before taxes and shipping.

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Thanks goes out to Tabu Toys for providing me with the Tokyo Design Mode free of charge in exchange of an unbiased and honest review


  1. Glad you were able to orgasm but sorry to hear about all the cons.

    1. Thanks
      I was just glad orgasm was achieved I had high hopes for this especially with the G-Spot massager. *sigh* on to the next I guess.


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