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17 January 2014

Limon By M!nna Life Review

Is it s Lemon or a Lime? Well in Spanish Limon means Lemon. Is the Limon an lemon in the toy world? Read on to learn more about this toy that has the same revolutionary squeeze technology as their vibrator Ola which I reviewed for you all a few months back. I had seen the Limon advertised on the M!nna Life Website an became interested when it was released. Since I had success with their first product with the unique squeeze technology I wanted to see if that would hold true with the new product. I am always looking for wonderful sex toys especially an amazing clitoral vibrator. Did I find one that gives my beloved clit vibe a run for its money? When I first reached out to the M!nna Life company about reviewing the new Limon I was told they would contact me when they had units available for reviewers as they had sent out and sold the first few batches not long after the release date! I was excited when I was contacted for info to ship out my Limon

The Limon is an external vibrator that you can use on many parts of the body most will probably choose to use the Limon as I did, for a clitoral vibrator but the fun doesn't stop there. While I believe that the Limon is best used for clitoral stimulation you can also use it for nipple, penis and testicle stimulation. You can get Limon in two different colors Pink and Teal, I received a pink Limon. I love the look of the Teal color option in all the pics I have seen of it but I am happy to own this new toy!! Limon is not designed to be inserted into the body especially anally, you could if you wished teased the outside of the anus and perineum if you wanted. You can use the Limon solo or with a partner all up to you if you want to share the experience. Limon measures in around 3 inches in length an about 2 inches in diameter roughly about the size of a small lemon. The design is pretty much spot on with what a natural lemon looks like, there is a "nipple" at the tip as if it was where it was picked from the tree. The "nipple" at the top will help stimulate your clitoris if you are one who needs pinpoint stimulation. This is a great toy for beginners and advanced users alike as it give you everything you would need no matter if you like low or high vibrations or if you like steady vibrations or patterns.

Just like Ola the Limon is made out of smooth velvety silicone. Silicone is 100% body safe an great if you share your toys with your partners. Silicone is hypoallergenic and nonporous which is great for those who can't use certain toys because of the material its made with. Silicone is also latex and phathalates free. My love for silicone can't be explained to say the least, if you are prone to infections this is a wonderful material as it can be sterilized*. The silicone used for the Limon is a smooth velvety feeling that has no texture at all. Like with many other silicone toys you can experience a drag, that holds true with the Limon but using a water based lubricant will take care of that.  I am not sure if others have the seam that runs around the center of the Limon but mine has a very distinctive seam. You can see it and feel it when holding the toy in your hand but I didn't notice the seam while in use. 
The Limon also has metal and ABS plastic on the bottom where the charger connection is both of these materials are also nonporous an body safe. 

Controls & Functions

The Limon has one simple easy to use button and has endless possibilities when it comes to functions. How endless are the possibilities you might ask?! Well that is up to you if you want to be simple with steady vibrations or patterns. When you first receive your Limon you will want to make sure to charge it. Yes, the Limon is rechargeable! I know many of us worry about how long it will take to charge a toy, especially when the number is astronomical for some toys. Have no fear though the Limon should be at full charge in 1 hour or less. When I got mine I did test to see if it had any type of charge right out of the factory and like most rechargeable toys. My initial charge took around 20 minutes. Your Limon comes with a USB charger that you can either plug right into your computer or the wall via a wall adapter. When it comes to charging make sure that you are able to have a flat surface available to set the charging dock on. You read right the Limon comes with a charging dock so it isn't rolling away while charging. The base is white and has 2 magnetic connectors in the center that you will want to rest the Limon on. How will you know that your Limon is charging? Like with many toys this one included it has indicator lights. Once you have everything to set up to charge your Limon place it on the base, it will either illuminate or slowly flash red this will tell you if it is charged or being charged. Your Limon will also give off 2 fast pulses when it gets connection to the charger dock. Some may find that when the Limon is charging that the light is annoying as it is a little on the bright side, I find it neat as you can read M!nna in the center of it when it illuminates. When your Limon is fully charged the center will be a steady red an will no longer flash, this lets you know that your Limon is ready to be used. 

Just like with Ola, the Limon uses the same air bubble, squeeze technology so you aren't stuck using preset patterns. The Limon allows you to record your own pattern, no worries though if you like steady vibration as it allows you to record steady vibrations as well. Like strong vibrations? Like low vibrations? Roll Coaster, Escalation, Wave or certain Pulse patterns you can do those all with this vibe. There is only 1 button that controls your Limon. To power on your Limon you will want to push the little button in the center of the toy. Pushing it once will make the M!nna logo illuminate in the center as well as a little red light under the button followed by pulsating vibrations. When powering on your Limon you will get some vibration 3 pulses means you have a full charge, 2 pulses mean you have a medium charge and 1 pulse means you have a low charge on your Limon. So what happens if you don't get any type of pulse when powering it on? If no pulse just like a human it means your Limon needs to be put on Life Support (charger) before it will come back to life an work again. There are 3 modes to the Limon, Free Play, Record and Lock mode. 

Free Play Mode-When the Limon is in Free Play Mode it isn't vibrating unless you squeeze in the soft sides. You will also see a red light illuminated under the control button. 
Record Mode-When you want to record a pattern to have it played back to you while you are playing you will want to hit the control button once if already in play mode. When Record Mode is on you will see an arrow in a half circle showing you that it is in Record Mode it will illuminated. If you want to create a new pattern just simply start squeezing again an the Limon will record a new pattern. Please note though you will loose your previous pattern. 
Lock Mode-Hit the power button a 3rd time an an lock will become illuminated, when in lock mode it will lock your pattern in place. So if you accidentally squeeze it while in use it won't record over your pattern you are trying to enjoy. This feature will repeat your pattern back to you without interruptions. To exit Lock Mode simply just power off your Limon or press the control button to put yourself back in Free Play Mode.

When powering off your Limon you will want to hold the power button down for around 3 seconds. Just like powering on your Limon you will feel the pulses of vibration to let you know your charge level.

I will mention that the Limon is waterproof and I will touch more on that in the Care section which you can find towards the end of my review.

While some people think it is pointless to mention the packaging that the toy arrives in I think it is important. Why do I think its important? Well here is why if you have to be discreet about what you are getting or don't want people knowing you are using sex toys when you toss them in the trash you'll want to know how discreet the packaging is right?! If you are like me an keep all the packaging that most all of your toys come in you will want to know if its suitable for long term storage. 

Your Limon will arrive in a cylinder tube type packaging as the way Ola did. Limon's packaging isn't 100% discreet but it also doesn't fully scream SEX TOY at you either. The packaging is white and pink with a photo of Limon on the front. It says "Limon Fresh Squeezed" on the front as well as a little information about the Limon on the back of the package. Being made out of sturdy cardboard it is great for storage purposes if you like to keep all of the packaging that comes with your toys. Seeing as it is made of cardboard if you want to toss it you can recycle it instead. When you pull apart the package you will reveal your Limon sitting in a plastic cradle that will hold it in place during shipping. Underneath the plastic cradle you will find the charging dock, owner's manual and a storage pouch. 

Care & Storage
Just like with your fruits and veggies in real life there are some care instructions that pertain to your Limon. Since the Limon is mainly made out of silicone it makes it simple to clean! I won't forget to mention that with it being waterproof as well makes clean up a snap. Your Limon is 100% waterproof so you can take in the shower or bath for playtime there. Being waterproof helps with the cleaning of you Limon as well you won't have to worry about water, bleach, toy cleaner or any of that getting inside an destroying it. 
There are a few ways to care for your Limon you can use a antibacterial toy cleaner, soap and warm water or a 10% bleach solution. The 10% bleach solution is the ONLY way you can sterilize your Limon for sharing with your partner. Sterilizing is great if you have multiple partners or you are prone to infections this will kill anything that could cause an infection. If you already have an infection an use your Limon you will want to sterilize it before using again so you don't reinfect yourself. It is best to clean your toys BEFORE and AFTER each use to insure they are clean and ready to be used. Even though the Limon is waterproof and silicone can be boiled do NOT place your Limon in a boiling pot of water or the dishwasher as the high intense heat can an will more then likely destroy your internal motors.

The Limon operates on "air" when it comes to the vibrations and patterns. If you notice that your Limon has lost air, you will want to flip it over and have a ball point pin near by. On the bottom in the center of the charger connectors you will see a silver dot that isn't raised like the charger connectors. Taking the ball point pin you will want to push that little silver "button" in an it will let air back into your Limon. Change in temperatures and elevation can cause it to loose air but its an easy fix. 

When it comes to storing your Limon you have a few options available to you. 
1.)You can use the whole packaging that your Limon comes in, it is roomy enough to hold everything that came with your toy.
2.)The included Storage Pouch, the storage pouch is silver with a small drawstring to be able to close up the pouch. I did however find out that the pouch is only big enough to hold the Limon and nothing else. If a toy comes with a pouch I am a firm believer that everything should be able to fit in the pouch that came in the package. Since the pouch is only big enough to hold the Limon you have to find a different way to store the charging dock and user manual if you don't want them laying out.
3.)You can purchase or make your very own toy pouch that is big enough to hold the Limon, the charging dock and user manual.
4.)When all else has failed you, you can always use a Ziploc bag to store everything. 

When it comes to the lubricating factor there is always some type of I wouldn't say false but conflicting finds and facts. Most all toy companies will state NOT to use a silicone base lubricant or a hybrid lubricant (contains water & silicone) as it can damage your silicone toys. I have used a silicone hybrid lubricant with silicone toys before without any damage. It is however important that you spot test with such lubricants to make sure there is no interaction with the lube and the material of the toy. If you find there is an interaction or damage to the finish of your silicone toys after using a silicone or hybrid lubricant it is recommend to discontinue use. If you damage your toys this way its not covered under warranties offered by toy companies. It is better to use a water base lubricant with all silicone toys. 

My Experience With the Limon

My experience with the Limon wasn't 100% positive but it isn't 100% negative either. There are plenty of pros and cons for me on this one, an I try to stay positive when it comes to my reviews but they are honest and unbiased with that said....

I loved the fact that the Limon was made out of silicone as I prefer all my toys to be made out of silicone for safety reasons. I loved the deep rumbly vibrations that the Limon put off as well, there was some decent power behind it as well. Even with having a good amount of power behind it, the Limon is pretty quiet an won't be heard through a closed door. Over the moon when I can get rechargeable toys so I am not spending a boat load of money on disposable batteries. Usually I am not one to test out the waterproof features for fear that they will fail me, I can say that the Limon passed the waterproof test with flying colors. 

The downfalls aren't so much the toys fault as it is my body's fault could be both so if your have these following body issues the Limon might not work in your favor. I have a plump hood and plump outer labia that make it hard to get "pin point" vibration from the Limon. I also noticed that since I have plump lady bits that the vibration decreases on my clitoris if my outer labia close around the Limon. As I mentioned before the issues I had with the Limon may vary depending on how your lady bits are. I also found it awkward to hold the Limon while using a dildo since with bullets depending on the position I can hold the bullet an dildo in the same hand. The Limon was a little too big for me to do that with.

While I did find somethings that were a flop or didn't work for me with the Limon I am not going to give up on it. I am going to try different things to which way works better for me.

On a scale of 1-5 I will say the Limon has a 4 when it comes to vibrations if it is in my hand an not contained by my lady bits. If I am trying to use it on my clit an my outer labia close around the vibe they feel around a 3-3.5 in power.

When it comes to sound on a 1-5 scale I would say the Limon comes in at a 1 meaning you won't be able to hear it through a closed door. 

Check out M!nna Life out on their site:
You can purchase Limon from Good Vibrations
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Thanks to the wonderful folks over at M!nna Life for providing me with the Limon free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


  1. Everyone one is either up or down about this one. I still would like to try it out though does not hurt. We are all different.

    1. No it doesn't hurt I mean different strokes for different folks. This just didn't work out for the way I had hoped. I am going to hang on to it an try it different ways again an see if I can get it to work. I loved my Ola


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