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21 February 2014

Is This My Wand Magic? Kink Lab 7-Speed Cordless Massager

I reached out to Erotic Toy Town about working with them again. I am happy to bring them back on board in 2014!! We all know how finding the perfect vibrator is and sometimes that can be hard. I am on a mission to find the BEST wand massager on the market. I have heard about several wands and I found a few that I do own but still looking for the PERFECT wand to put in my collection. That lead me to search on Erotic Toy Town's site upon searching I came across the KinkLab 7-Speed Cordless Wand Massager. So I added it to my request list that I sent over. Want to know how things went with myself and this Wand made out? Read on to learn more......


For most women we hear about these wands from some of our friends or by searching the web. The KinkLab 7-Speed Cordless Massager appealed to me mainly for the fact that it was cordless. So how are wands used and who can enjoy them? Well anyone can enjoy them whether it be a male or female. Wands such as the 7-Speed Cordless Wand are used for external stimulation. External stimulation such as clitoral stimulation if you prefer a broad spectrum of vibrations and not pinpoint vibrations. You can also use these type of wand massagers for giving your partner a good massage they don't have to be used just as sex toys. Since there is a good selection of speeds on this wand a beginner can enjoy this and work up to the higher vibrations. Are you an advanced use? You too could enjoy this wand just as much as the next person.
The 7-Speed Massager is on the bigger side of things and is the biggest wand I own. Measuring in at 12.5 inches long with the girth of the massager head coming in at 7.5 inches around and 2.25 inches wide. I know those measurements will scream HUGE but since it's an external toy you have no worries. While the 7-Speed Massager isn't exactly discreet and easy to hide, it is actually one "sex toy" you won't have to worry about hiding as most people will think its for your neck, back or what have you. I will say however this isn't going to be the best "toy" to take on vacation with you as it's pretty big.


The 7-Speed Massager is made out of a few materials those being silicone and plastic. All materials used to make the 7-Speed Massager are all body safe, latex free, phathalates free, nonporous and hypoallergenic. The silicone head is the ONLY part of the wand that can be sterilized, I will explain in the "Care Section" how to do this and mark it with a (**).

The silicone head on the 7-Speed Massager has some texture on it the only way I can explain the texture is it feels like, paint on the fall with all the bumps and ridges. The texture on the 7-Speed Massager isn't a harsh feeling texture but it could cause discomfort for some if they are super sensitive.  You will find some give in the silicone head on the 7-Speed Massager but that isn't going to had or take away from the pleasure experience since its a non-insertable toy. 

When it comes to the plastic used on the 7-Speed Massager it is basic ABS Plastic with a silver plating on it for looks. ABS Plastic is nonporous but cannot be sterilized. The plastic has no type of texture down the handle of the wand. You will find on the top below the head of the 7-Speed Massager a silver plastic ring this is also plastic but it's more so for decoration purposes. In the middle of the handle on the wand is where you will find the control dial which is also made out of plastic with silver plating.


When it comes to the design of the 7-Speed Massager it is actually pretty simple for the most part compared to other toys out on the market. This simple design can bring a good amount of pleasure whether it be sexual or pampering yourself or partner with a back massage. This particular wand is a rechargeable and cordless one. On the market you find tons of wands that have to be plugged into the wall such as the Couture Inspire by: CalExotics. I love that this 7-Speed Massager is rechargeable and has more then one speed, its not On or Off

When you first receive your 7-Speed Massager you will want to open it an make sure everything is inside and nothing is damaged. Upon, opening up your wand you will need to find the charger and so that you can charge up your wand so you can play with it later that night. You won't find a "How To" guide inside this package, so make sure you read everything on the outside of the box because that is your "User Guide". When the 7-Speed Massager arrives it will have a peg in the base of the handle.  The peg pretty much locks the controls an the wand won't power on until you remove the peg. Make sure you hang onto this peg as it is needed for your wand.  You will be able to see what the peg looks like in and out of the wand above. The sticker above the peg states: Remove Peg Before Operating or Charging, Replace After Use and the Input is 6V DC. Since I am known for keeping most of the original packaging to all of my toys, I simply put the the peg inside the Ziploc bag that the wall charger came in, seal it an put it back in the box til I am ready to put away my massager

To charge your 7-Speed Massager you will want to remove the peg from the charging port and replace it with the charger. You will need to charge your 7-Speed Massager for around 2 hours for the initial charge as well as for any other charges after that if it's completely dead. A full 2 hour charge will get your 40 minutes of playtime on the highest speed option. If you use a lower speed option the charge could last longer for you. When the charger is plugged into the wall it will glow red or green depending on the charge left on the battery. If the light glows red the wand isn't fully charged. Once you see the red light go to green it means you are good to go with a full charge. Just like with the peg in place you will NOT be able to use the 7-Speed Massager while it is charging. Nowhere on the the box did it mention anything about overcharging your 7-Speed Massager. Since, there is no warning of overcharging I wouldn't leave it on the charger overnight or anything like that. 

There are 7 different intensity levels of power in this wand. I would say that the vibrations aren't strictly buzzy or strictly rumbly it is really a mixture of both. While some like buzzy and others like myself like rumbly I believe you would still be able to enjoy this wand. With the 7 speeds you are bound to find a setting that is just right for you. Most all of my toys I use on the highest settings. To change the intensity of the vibrations on the 7-Speed Massager you will need to simple use the turn wheel control. The controls should be easy to use during use but could very well easily change the speed during play if you aren't careful an hit the controls. You will be able to power off the 7-Speed Massage just by turning the dial to ZERO this will power off the wand. 

When it comes to the 7 speeds that this particular wand offers there a good deal of variance in the levels. I will give my Vrooms ratings for each speed level below. Some may find them to be a different intensity then I do as we are all different in what we like and can handle.

1-2  ranks a 2/5
3-4 ranks 4/5
5-7 rank at 5/5

When it comes to the Buzz factor I would say that
1-3 rank at 2/5-Meaning that it may not be heard through a closed door but can be heard over the covers.
4-5 rank at a 4/5-Meaning that if there is no background noise it may be heard through a closed door. 
6-7 rank at a 5/5-Meaning someone is more likely to hear it behind closed doors unless you have the T.V. or music up loud. Hell they may very well think you are using a small kitchen appliance in your bedroom!

If you live with roommates, parents, family or in a college dorm the 7-Speed Massager is something you may want to steer clear of.

Make sure that you do NOT use this in or around water, this wand is NOT waterproof.

The head of this wand is removable so you can actually properly clean it with ease. I wouldn't recommend using the wand without the silicone cover over the head. While I didn't locate them on Erotic Toy Town's site there are attachments that you can get from KinkLab or other sites that off KinkLab products. 

If you need to bend the head of the 7-Speed Massager there is some give where it bends a little to help get the wand in the position you are needing. If you desire placement at an angle there is a slight bend. I would advise you to be careful though an not apply a lot of pressure when using the bendable neck, as it could break if you bend it to far.


Packaging or lack there of! In all honesty there isn't much to the packaging of the 7-Speed Massager which is perfect for some but not for others. I love when I receive products in awesome packaging. This wand arrives in a cardboard box inside you will find, the wand in a plastic bag wrapped in bubble wrap, the wall charger in a Ziploc bag and a warranty registration card. Yep, that's all that is in the box! If you "need" a Owner's Manual or User Guide you are going to want to hold on to the box. Everything you need to know about the 7-Speed Massager is on the bottom and side of the box it arrives in. I would have to say that even though this wand can be used in a nonsexual way the package isn't really discreet. If you are worried about family, friends, kids or whomever will find out what this is for you will want to ditch the box. There is a picture on the front of the box of the 7-Speed Massager. The box warns of damage or injury to using this wand. If you end up with some type of damage they are not responsible as the box states that is is sold as a novelty toy. Since all of the packaging consists of cardboard and plastic you can recycle the packaging if you don't plan to hang on to it. If you choose to use the box for storage purposes it will eventually need to be replaced as the cardboard will wear down. 

Care & Storage 

Since the head of the 7-Speed Massager is silicone an removable you shouldn't have any issues when it comes to cleaning this. After use whether you use it for sexual pleasure or to give your partner a body massage, it is best to wipe down the silicone head. I personally would after wiping the head pretty clean removing the attachment an using a toy cleaner unless you are wanting to sterilize the head. 

If you plan to share this wand with a partner that you aren't 100% fluid bonded with you will want to sterilize the attachment before doing so.
If you are looking to sterilize the silicone head on the 7-Speed Massager you can either do one of the following:
1.) Boil-You can boil the head of the wand in a pot of water on the stove be careful removing the attachment once you're done boiling it. Should only need to boil for about 2 minutes. Use tongs for removing

2.) Top Rack of Dishwasher-Yes you can toss the attachment in the dishwasher to be steam cleaned and sterilized.

3.) 10% Bleach/90% Water-Mixing 10% bleach to 90% water mixture you can soak the attachment for 5 minutes. Once the 5 minutes are up you will then want to wash with an antibacterial soap and rinse thoroughly to make sure all bleach is removed. 

The next set of ways to clean the attachment will NOT sterilize the silicone attachment for sharing!!!

You can also use your favorite:

1.) Antibacterial Toy Spray-While this will not sterilize the silicone head it will clean it up with no issues. You will want to spray JUST the attachment down with toy cleaner, let this sit for a minute or two before wiping clean.
My favorite toy spray that I love and use is Doc Johnson's Antibacterial Toy Cleaner! Leaves a fresh scent behind after wiping your toys clean.

2.) Baby Wipes/Toy Wipes-I only use these types of wipes for a pre-clean up job before using my antibacterial spray. Toy wipes you can usually get in antibacterial form as well. 

3.) Antibacterial Soap & Hot Water-Lather on the soap followed by washing in hot water making sure you thoroughly rinse 

Whichever way you choose to clean the attachment to your 7-Speed Massager make sure it is completely dried before storing. 

What Lube Is Compatible?

When it comes to using silicone toys it is often said to NOT mix silicone or hybrid lubes with silicone toys. This rings true to a point, I have used both hybrid and silicone lubricants with my HIGH quality vibrators as well as my HIGH quality dildos all made out of silicone with NO issues. 

On all of the silicone toys I own and well I will just say that's A LOT it states to use water based lubricants ONLY

If you decide to use a hybrid or pure silicone lubricant it CAN damage the silicone. If you decide that silicone or hybrid lubes is all you like to use, I recommend spot testing on a part of the attachment that won't come in contact with your body. If no reaction happens after a few minutes to 10 minutes wipe clean an you should be fine to use the silicone or hybrid lube with no issue. 

While there is a warranty offered on the 7-Speed Massager it will NOT cover damage done by misuse such as: damage done by silicone lube, getting it wet or any other way you can misuse this wand. 

How does one store something so big?!
I personally will be keeping the original box til it can no longer function as a storage device. If you have a nightstand or a toy drawer where you put all your toys that will work without really having to put it in anything. I personally plan to when my box falls apart or even before then just put the wand in my drawer while the silicone head and charger are in a Ziploc bag. 

My Experience

So this is what you all have been waiting for right? You want to know if my wand did anything magical for me ;) I will share my experience with the 7-Speed Massager and I will also compare it against my Couture Inspire Wand
Which one is my favorite? 
Which wand is my magic wand?!

Well I am here to say that the 7-Speed Massager was NOT a bust like I first thought when I first charged it up and turned it on. My first impression was that the vibrations were both a bit buzzy and rumbley, but in use they were different. I have plump outer labias so my clitoris is pretty hidden as I also have a "fat vagina" so everything from the inner labia to the clit are hidden. I would have to say having a plump vagina  does come in handy when using this particular wand for sexual pleasure. My first thought was "This wand is not as strong as my other 2 wands and its loud but not as loud as one of my wands."  Even with having to part my outre labia to place the head of the 7-Speed Massager against my clitoris my outer labia once let go, will lay perfectly against the head!! I was shocked that because the "cushion" from my plump labia laid against the head of the wand, a good bit of the noise was drowned out so it wasn't as loud. The "cushion" I have when it comes to my vagina also helped with the vibrations feeling less buzzy. 

With the 7-Speed Massager I was able to climax and orgasm. I used this wand in conjunction with a new vibe from another company I also received for review. With using a bendie vibrator that I could shape the way I needed for G-Spot stimulation and using the 7-Speed Massager on my clitoris I climaxed quicker then I thought I would have. 

I want to compare the 7-Speed Massager with my Couture Inspire and my Fairy Wand (not carried by Erotic Toy Town). 

All 3 wands have multiple speeds which is a great thing for those who aren't sure if they need low or high settings for vibrations. When it comes to the 7-Speed Massager you have preset 7 speeds to choose from, has attachments not offered on Erotic Toy Town!
 The Fairy Wand is a cordless rechargeable wand just like the 7-Speed Massager is. The Fairy Wand doesn't have so much of a preset number to choose from you simply spin the dial til you reach your desired speed, this is not offered on Erotic Toy Town and I am unable to find attachments. Out of all 3 wands I have my FAVORITE is the Couture Inspire which is carried on Erotic Toy Town's site! I purchased my Couture Inspire from another site I use to be a part of. The main thing I like about the Couture Inspire wand is that there are attachments out there for it. I looked on Erotic Toy Town's site an they don't have the attachments for the Couture Inspire but they are out there. I love this particular wand over all others for the fact that it is the STRONGEST of the 3 I have. Yes, this one you have to be plugged into the wall BUT you don't have to worry about recharging or worry about batteries. My kit that I have isn't offered through Erotic Toy Town, my kit came with 3 attachments and a friend bought me the last attachment for Christmas one year. 

As you can see in the picture above there is a significant difference between the 3 wands with the 7-Speed Massager being the biggest as well as the heaviest of the 3. Even though the 7-Speed Massager is the biggest and you would think that it would be kind of heavy, I actually didn't have an issue with the weight. When comes down to it I prefer my Couture Inspire the most. The choice is your's on which you would like to try. For now I am on the search for the PERFECT wand!!

-Silicone Head Attachment

-2 Hour Charge For 40 Minutes Of Play
-May Be Too Buzzy For Some

Thanks to Erotic Toy Town for sponsoring this review, the above item was provided free of charge for an honest unbiased review. 

Want your own 7-Speed Massager?
Just click on the above link to order!

Check out Erotic Toy Town on:


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