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14 July 2014

Get Off With Rocks Off RO-DEO Ride Vibe

I was excited when I came across the Rocks Off RO-DEO Ride Vibe on Tabutoys website. I have seen other toys similar to the RO-DEO Ride Vibe

The RO-DEO Ride Vibe is a vibe that is designed to ride, that also stimulates your G-Spot, clitoris and perineum. You will get the feeling of being on top riding your partner. If you are a woman who likes being on top this is for you. I rarely get on top when sex is involved with my partner, I have my personal reasons and he respects that. I honestly forgot how amazing it is to be on top. You can see in the picture above and to the left, there is so much awesomeness! The RO-DEO Ride Vibe can be used by those who are female or male bodied. The RO-DEO Ride is safe to use anally if you so choose to do use it that way. For those are are male bodied you can get a really good prostate massage with this vibe. When using the RO-DEO Ride Vibe you will want to straddle it so you are able to rock back and forth so you can mimic riding on your partner. 
Is the RO-DEO Ride Vibe for beginners? Sure I believe that anyone from beginner to advanced users can enjoy what the RO-DEO has to offer.
Do you want to learn more about the RO-DEO Ride Vibe? Then click below to continue reading. 

The RO-DEO Ride Vibe is made out of silicone and plastic. You can learn more about these materials below.
The white and silver shown on the RO-DEO Ride Vibe is ABS plastic which is nonporous, latex free, phathalates free and hypoallergenic. Plastic even though it is nonporous you can't fully sterilize it the way you can silicone but you can still clean it really well. Plastic smooth without texture and of course it is hard without any give to it. 

The main portion of the RO-DEO Ride Vibe is made out of silicone which is nonporous, can be sterilized, latex free, phathalates free and hypoallergenic as well. The silicone that Rocks Off Limited used in this particular vibe has no type of texture to it. I have to say that the silicone used on the RO-DEO Ride Vibe is more of a velvety feeling, which I love cause it means there is no drag when using it. RO-DEO Ride Vibe's silicone isn't plush but there is some give to it when pushing on the shaft. When it comes to the shaft and clitoral attachment on the RO-DEO, these are super flexible and move with you. 

If you plan to share your RO-DEO Ride Vibe with your partner you will want to sterilize the silicone portion of the RO-DEO Ride Vibe unless you are already fluid bonded. If you wish to use the RO-DEO in more then one orifice you will want to sterilize it as well. I recommend doing a thorough cleaning before sharing even if the materials are nonporous. Being nonporous means the materials will NOT absorb your bodily fluids the way lesser quality toys do. 

Functions & Design
When it comes to the RO-DEO Ride Vibe I have to say that the function is close to many toys I own but the design not so much. I was intrigued by it and it reminded me of a toy from Doc Johnson. Here is the link to the Doc Johnson i-Ride Mountable Vibrator which I wanted for a bit til I seen the material used. The i-Ride is similar to the RO-DEO in several ways but RO-DEO is made of better quality materials.
The RO-DEO Ride Vibe is just that it is designed so you can ride it. You can see how it is rounded out on the bottom of the vibe, this is so you can ride the RO-DEO. You want to rock it back and forth in the same motion you would as you would if you were riding your partner. If you like to be on top with your partner but can't all the time especially when they are away I recommend the RO-DEO for that! As you can see in the photo above the shaft on the RO-DEO has a slight curve to it, this is so that you can get an AMAZING G-Spot massage. The small curved up "tongue" is for clitoral stimulation but if you are using it anally as a female you can have the "tongue" massage your perineum. If you use the RO-DEO as intended as a female you get an AMAZING clitoral, G-Spot and perineum massage. Those who are male bodied will get an AWESOME prostate massage with the shaft and can have his testicles massaged by the "tongue". I am all about double stimulation, even though I can cum and orgasm without clitoral stimulation but it makes it just that much better. 

When you are mounted on top of the RO-DEO it might be awkward or hard to get the rhythm going at first. I found that spreading my legs apart a bit so my thighs weren't tight an touching. With the RO-DEO I didn't have difficulties with the width which could be an issue for some.We shall talk measurements here....
The width of the platform where the attachments are is approximately 3 inches wide. The curved bottom is approximately 1.5 inches wide. Now that we know what we are working with width wise when saddling up to ride on the RO-DEO we will talk shaft size, clitoral attachment and the mound at the rear. The shaft size comes in at 5.25 insertable inches and is 1.45 inches in girth, the girth is a decent size an because there is give to it I didn't feel the shaft as being 1.45 inches in girth. The clitoral attachment measures in at 2.5 inches long and is 1 inch at the tip and approximately 1.25 at the bottom. The perineum massager which is what I referred to as the mound measures in at 1 inch in width. I have to say that the RO-DEO is the PERFECT shaft size for me since I am not really a size queen. If you are a size queen I would say you would be disappointed in the girth of the shaft. 

I have to say I am loving the transition from toys that need batteries to toys that are rechargeable, yes you guessed it RO-DEO is rechargeable!! In the top left photo to the right shows where the charger port is. The port seals itself when you remove the charger making it 100% waterproof. With the RO-DEO being waterproof us ladies who are squirters won't have to worry about killing this AMAZING vibe when cumming. The top right photo shows the charging cord, well the part that plugs into the wall. You can see right under the prongs of the plug there is a button, you will want to press this button to release the prongs that go into the outlet. If you are a Military spouse that has to move to other countries, world traveler or if TabuToys ships out of the country you get the adapter pack. In this adapter pack you will get the attachment to charge your RO-DEO in the following countries: USA, United Kingdom, France and Australia! With that mentioned you can take this baby traveling with you an won't have to worry about not being able to charge it. According to Rocks Off the RO-DEO should last about 2 hours on a full charge this will also depend on the setting and speed you are using. When I received my RO-DEO it already had a partial charge so it didn't take long to recharge it. There is NOTHING for a manual that tells you how long it takes to charge the RO-DEO so once she is fully dead I can report back on how long it takes to get a full charge. I personally think it is totally AWESOME that they include different prong plates so you can really use it wherever you go! I would say though that RO-DEO isn't a discreet toy because of it's size and shape. I also want to mention if you plan to travel with your RO-DEO make sure she is dead before traveling so she doesn't get turned on accidentally. I have searched to see if she had a travel lock and I have found nothing on that. When you plug RO-DEO in to charge there is a light indicator on the CHARGER not on the RO-DEO! If the light is red it means that you need to charge your RO-DEO and if the light is green it means you are fully charged.

Now on to the controls and patterns, the RO-DEO has 7 patterns and THREE motors!! Yes, you read that right not 1 or 2 motors but THREE. There are only 2 control buttons though which controls the main shaft and the clitoral attachment. You can see to the left the controls underneath the RO-DEO logo, one is marked G for G-Spot and the other is marked C for clitoral which can only mean one thing right?! The controls are simple and definitely easy to use and placed just right if you need to change the speed or pattern. In a way I wish they would have made a remote control to be able to change the patterns or speeds so you don't have to stop rocking to change them. The buttons have an overlay of silicon and super easy to push. When you wish to power on your RO-DEO you won't have to push down hard at all. Want to power off your RO-DEO? Simply hold down EACH button for 3-5 seconds to turn it off.  The motors inside are pretty quiet I would say whisper quiet but you won't hear them through a closed door or over a radio.
 I mentioned 7 settings 3 of those are steady vibrations that range from low, medium & high. I would say that when at the highest power level it would ranked in at a 4/5 in power could even go with a 4.5/5. The vibrations are more so on the buzzier side of things but I can tell you they didn't cause me to go numb. The other 4 settings are all patterns which to me all feel the same, they are mainly different speeds or patterns of pulsations.
You can see on the bottom curve of the RO-DEO that it has a silicone strip I would have to say that this is to protect the plastic on the bottom from get scratched up. You can use the RO-DEO almost anywhere, I prefer using mine in the bed. 

RO-DEO comes in a pretty elegant looking box that is in NO WAY discreet. The outer sleeve has  photos of the RO-DEO on it, it is to be removed for displaying purposes in the stores. Once you remove the sleeve you will reveal the elegant box that has a clear window so you can see what the RO-DEO looks like in person. The top of the box opens up and you will find RO-DEO sitting in a plastic mold you will want to remove the plastic to reveal the charger and Rocks Off catalog. You can toss the packaging if you wish it is all recyclable. If you do decide to toss the packaging, I would recommended trying to make a storage pouch or see if you can fit it in a gallon size Ziploc Bag. There is no type of storage back that comes with the RO-DEO.  If you read my reviews a lot you know I like keeping original packaging but I am not so sure that I will be keeping RO-DEO's packaging as it is big and bulky. 

Care & Storage
Caring for a silicone toy isn't hard at all as the options to clean it is endless. If you aren't wanting to sterilize the RO-DEO you can simply use an antibacterial toy spray, toy wipes, baby wipes or soap and water. If you are needing to sterilize your RO-DEO you can wash it with a 10% bleach solution soak for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly before use or storing. Do NOT put the RO-DEO in the dishwasher or in a boiling pot of water!! While, the RO-DEO is waterproof the heat will damage the motors inside. 

Storing the RO-DEO can be tricky if you keep the original packaging because it is pretty bulky. I may very well use the toy pouch that I got with my Pleasure Purse since it is big enough to hold the RO-DEO as well as its charger and all of it's adapters.

Beings that the RO-DEO is made out of silicone it is recommended to use a water based lubricant. If you must use a silicone or hybrid lube make sure to do a spot test to make sure it won't damage the surface of your beloved RO-DEO.

My Experience
I have to say this has become a new favorite of mine in my collection. Most of the time I am super picky when it comes to vibrators because I am a power queen. RO-DEO surpassed my expectations. I honestly thought it would have ended up being a dud in the toy world and it definitely was NOT a dud! I am not the type who likes to be on top as I am a plus sized woman but the RO-DEO reminded me what I was missing when it came to riding my partner. The RO-DEO shaft moved with me and hit my G-Spot just right each and every time and it felt so amazing! I am so glad that I went ahead and gave the RO-DEO a shot. If you are like myself and enjoy what it feels like to be on top of your man but you don't ride him for whatever reason I say the RO-DEO is a MUST have in your toy collection. If you enjoy G-Spot stimulation you MUST have RO-DEO in your collection. I am over the moon on this toy. 

Want to know where to get your RO-DEO? Click on any links in this review and go shop TabuToys to get your own. You can also click on the logo below to shop.

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