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22 June 2014

Entice Katherine From CalExotics

For the month of June I got the Entice Katherine as a part of CalExotics Sexpert Program! When this package arrived I felt "meh" when I first opened the packaging seeing "Entice" on the box. I have reviewed a few Entice items I wasn't overly thrilled with so I thought the same with Katherine. Katherine is different from any of the other Entice Collection I have reviewed, I will place the links at the bottom of this review of the other items from the Entice Collection I have reviewed. 

Katherine is designed as a dual function vibrator. Katherine is targeted more towards the ladies than it is men, but both sexes can get enjoyment out her. For the ladies, you can expect G-Spot and clitoral stimulation. Ladies, you can also turn her around and use the clitoral attachment for perineum stimulation if you would like to. Seeings that Katherine has the clitoral arm attachment she is save to be used anally by the ladies and the gentlemen. The clitoral attachment will keep Katherine from getting sucked into your anal cavity. Ladies, if you choose to use Katherine anally you can use the clitoral arm to stimulate your perineum for added pleasure. Gentlemen, you can get perineum or testicle stimulation going on when penetrating yourself anally massaging your P-Spot (prostate), with Katherine.
Katherine comes in 3 colors:Pink, Raspberry and Purple, I received mine in Purple.

I wouldn't fully say that Katherine is a "beginners" vibe unless you know you want all she has to offer. Katherine puts a twist on other rabbits on the market, she heats up! Yes, you read that right and I will touch more on the in the function section just keep on reading. While being slim enough to be a beginners vibe some of her features aren't beginner features unless you have messed around with temperature play in the bedroom. Katherine has a slim shaft as you get further down it, the head on the other hand is bulbous an is the thickest part. The shaft measures in at 4 inches long and 1.25 inches in diameter. The clitoral attachment measures in at 2.25 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. These measurements are great for those who prefer smaller sized toys. Those who like bigger and thicker shafts will be disappointed here when it comes to the girth of the vibrator. 

Katherine is made up of a few different materials but all are body safe. 

Katherine is made up mainly of silicone which is nonporous, latex free, phathaletes free, hypoallergenic and of course body safe. From her shaft to the clitoral attachment she is made of silicone. Silicone is a wonderful material if you are prone to infections that are out of your control, like to share your toys between your orifices or the orifices of others, masturbate on your period or if you have had reactions to other toy materials. If you have or do any of those things know that Katherine won't hold your bodily fluids in her and you can sterilize her. It is good to sterilize your silicone toys between uses whether it is with yourself, partner or between orifices. I will explain in the Care section how to sterilize Katherine. If you plan to share between partners or orifices without sterilizing her you can use a condom over her to make sharing easier! Deciding the condom route?! Make sure that the condom is either prelubed with a water base lubricant or a condom that isn't prelubed. 

Silicone can very in densities some are squishy and some are firmer but still have some give to them. Katherine has more give in some places than in others but is made of a more firmer silicone. Silicone can either be smooth or have a matte finish as well as texture, Katherine however is buttery smooth. She does have some slight "wavy" lines going down her shaft. I also noticed a major seam that runs down the middle of the whole vibe, it can be felt with hands but I don't believe it will be super noticeable while in use. Some silicone toys are known to have drag to them, meaning they don't glide easily. Katherine doesn't show signs of not gliding smoothly, I rubbed her down my arm and she slid smoothly.
The next material we will be talking about is ABS Plastic with metallic plating which too is nonporous, latex free, pathaletes free and body safe. ABS Plastic though can't be sterilized the way silicone can, so keep that in mind. The part you will find the ABS Plastic will be towards the base of Katherine, where her controls can be found as well. ABS Plastic is hard and has no give to it but you won't have to worry about that as it isn't going to come in contact with your body aside from your hands/fingers to adjust the settings. 

Last but certainly not least there is magnetic connectors that I will touch on in depth in the functions section. 

There is a lot to explain when it comes to Katherine because she doesn't just vibrate nor does she have just one motor. Katherine is a Luxury Rechargeable Vibe! Katherine comes with her very own USB charger which you can charge by either plugging her right into your USB port on your computer or use a USB adapter an plug her into a wall outlet. I have used both ways to charge Katherine, you will want to make sure though even though the magnets aren't super strong to try an keep them as far as you can from the computer or other electronics that magnets can damage. Katherine's charging cord is long enough to keep her away from those things. When I first got Katherine she had some charge already on her battery but I fully charged her, but forgot to time how long it took her to charge. To find out if your charger is connected properly and the charge is going on you will see where the controls are illuminate with a flashing white light. When charge is complete you will have a solid illumination telling you that you can remove Katherine from the charger and begin playtime. I found out the NOT so fun way and I am not sure if this is just mine or if it is possibly the whole batch. Standby time for Katherine is SUPER SHORT, I charged her one night an went to use her the next night an she did NOT turn on at all!! 
I just charged her up today an we will see how long she can go on standby time. Today it took roughly 3ish hours to get a FULL charge on Katherine

Controls, there are 2 simple controls that power the shaft and the clitoral attachment. Yes, each have their own control so if you like steady vibrations for clitoral stimulation (me) and pattern vibrations for vaginal stimulation you got it! If you like steady or patterns for both but like one to have stronger vibrations and the other have weaker vibrations, you can do that as well. To power on the clitoral attachment you will want to push the top button down for 3 seconds before it will come on. Press the button once to up the speed want to go through them all? Keep pressing the button with a pause in between an it will change the speed or pattern. To power off hold the button down for 3 seconds. 

To power on the shaft and activate the Warming Feature you will want to push the bottom button down for 3 seconds once you power on the shaft you will see 2 different lights illuminate one will be white the other red. The red light means you have activated the Warming Feature in the shaft. The Warming Feature heats the shaft up slowly to 104 degree ferinheight.  If you don't want to use the warming feature the ONLY way to forgo that is by simply not using the vibration in the shaft. 

Katherine does NOT have a memory setting so if you have to power her off and turn her back on she will start out on a steady vibration is the lowest speed. There are 3 speeds to each setting Low, Medium and High, in steady, pulsation and escalation. You will also find that there are 8 different settings that revolve around the steady, pulsation and escalation modes. Even on the highest setting for both shaft and clitoral attachment Katherine is pretty much whisper quiet. I only had my fans on that don't make much noise an I could barely hear the vibe over them. If you are worried about noise factors I doubt anyone would hear Katherine through a closed door. I would describe the vibrations in the shaft to be a little rumbly but still has some buzziness to it where as the clitoral attachment is buzzy. 

Katherine can be used in and out of the shower if you enjoy shower play as she is waterproof. Don't like playing in the shower but want cleaning to be a snap?! You can get that with Katherine since she is waterproof!

Katherine arrived in a cardboard box that has her name on it as well as photos of her. If you are worried about being discreet with the packaging you will want to quickly get rid of it because it is in NO way discreet. You can see what her packaging looks like to the left. The box is very informative for the most part. I would like to see the box mention how long it takes to charge, how long the battery will last while playing and how long the standby time is. 
You can see that the box lets you know that Katherine is rechargeable and her USB charger comes with her! Warms As It Vibrates is in all CAPS with flames behind it letting you know Katherine gets hot for you!! Inside you will find Katherine and her charger in their own little plastic bags placed inside a bubble wrap pouch. She comes with no type of storage, you can use the box she arrives in but it won't last long. I store all my toys in original packaging unless it falls apart then they go in Ziploc bags. All packaging included with Katherine is recyclable if you wish to recycle it.

You will want to clean Katherine BEFORE & AFTER each and every use. Below you will find ways of doing this.

I mentioned earlier in the review that Katherine can be sterilized there are a few ways to sterilize silicone but only ONE will work on Katherine since she has motors inside. 
You will want to take a cup or bowl an make a bleach solution you will want 10% bleach to 90% water. Soak Katherine for around 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly before use or storing. Dry with a lint free towel or lay out to dry. 

Ways to Clean But Won't Sterilize
You can also use an antibacterial toy cleaner to clean Katherine up this won't sterilize her the way the bleach solution will. If you use a spray cleaner spritz her down an wait a minute before wiping clean and dry. Some toy cleaners recommend you rinsing them off in the sink after wiping the toy cleaner away. 

Antibacterial Soap & Hot Water, this will clean Katherine up pretty good. Make sure you rinse thoroughly and dry before storing. 

Baby Wipes Or Toy Wipes, these come in handy if you don't want to drag out the toy cleaner, bleach solution or you don't want to drag yourself to the bathroom to use soap. I personally only use wipes as a preclean before using the spray toy cleaner. 

When it comes to storing Katherine you have a few ways to do this:

Keep her in the original packaging she arrived in, while this isn't the best option because the box will give way at some point it is the way I store my toys

Purchase or make a toy pouch that you can hide her in

Ziploc Bags come in handy when you have nowhere else to turn when it comes to storing your toys. In a quart or gallon size Ziploc Bag you can place Katherine and her charger in one comfortably. 

My Experience

This is to come......

Here you will find my other reviews from the Entice Collection
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