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11 August 2014

Isla Could Be A New Fave

This go around from Tabu Toys I have Isla which is apart of the Lelo Insignia Collection. Lelo is one of the luxury brand toy makers and I have to say from the few products I do have from them I love them. Isla I have a feeling will be no different from the others I have used from Lelo. 


Isla is designed for vaginal penetratioexr those folks who are female bodied. Isla has a slight curve to her as well so she can provide you with G-Spot stimulation. Isla was designed for deeper penetration and to contour to the curves of the female anatomy.  While there is a "handle" that is bigger then the shaft I wouldn't recommend using Isla for anal pleasure, sorry fellas no P-Spot stimulation with Isla. If you choose to use Isla anally whether you are male or female you run a risk of landing yourself in the ER to have Isla removed. I am not sure about you but that is that LAST thing I would want to go to my local emergency room for. Isla is sleek as well as an eye catcher for sure. I have been loohavint her and wanting to get her but Isla didn't have a clitoral attachment so I kept passing her up. I now have a wonderful clitoral vibe that makes using Isla even better. I would be lost without the perfect clitoral vibe. Isla comes in 3 colors Rose, Black and Turquoise however Tabu Toys only carries Isla in Turquoise. I love to have an array of color in my collection so I love seeing different colors that aren't pink or purple since that is the color of most toys on the market. Isla can be for those who are beginners or those who advance toys users but aren't looking for a lot of girth. 
Isla measures in at:

8.5 inches full length
  5.5 inches insertable length
1 3/8  inches of girth 



Since Isla is a luxury item you would think it was made out of the highest quality materials right? Well for the most part the highest quality materials are used when it comes to Isla being a nonporous item. Isla is made up of silicone and ABS plastic both materials are nonporous and will not hold your bodily fluids within the materials. Silicone can be sterilized where as plastic cannot.
In some toys silicone can be plush or even have very little give to them, Isla however, has no give. When a toy has no give and is pretty much a hard object, if you are allowing your partner to use your toys to penetrate you, make sure you have a clear line of communication. Hard objects that have no give can bruise your cervix and we surely don't want to deal with that pain. The texture of the silicone is exactly what I expected since Isla is a Lelo item. Isla's silicone is buttery smooth with no drag or scent to her.

The plastic that runs down through the middle of Isla is gold with the Lelo name embedded in it. This plastic is like any other plastic you touch
or use on a daily basis, smooth and hard.

Both the silicone and ABS plastic used to make Isla will be simple and easy to clean. We will talk more about that in the Care  Section below.


Isla is a rechargeable luxury vibrator that comes with her very own charging cord. You should only use a Lelo charging cord to charge Isla or any of your other Lelo products. If you lose your charger or it becomes damaged in any way you can purchase a new world charger set that gives you attachments to be able to charger your Isla or any other Lelo product whether you are in the states or overseas. The charging set is a bit pricey but awesome, if you don't plan to leave the US you can purchase the single charger cord that is made to fit in the US sockets. You can see in the photos to the right that there is a charging port in the base of Isla. There is no flap or plug to close up where the charging port is, according to Lelo's site and Tabu Toys Isla is FULLY WATERPROOF!!! I can tell you that I am not going to test that feature as the port isn't closed off. At the most I would say Isla is splash proof but I am still iffy on that.

As you can see in the picture above and to the left there are 3 buttons, these control Isla as well as controls her lockable feature for traveling. To power on Isla you will want to first make sure her travel lock is off, to do this you will want to hold down both the (-) and (+) buttons as the same time. Once you hold both buttons down for around 3-5 seconds the control pad will illuminate. When you see that the control pad has illuminated you are set to play. The (+) button will allow you to choose the highest intensity level of the vibrations. The (-) button will allow you to decrease the vibrations so they aren't so intense. The (0) center button allows you to change the patterns that Isla offers. Her patterns are similar to most of Lelo's toys you have steady vibrations, roller coaster, pulsations and what I would call acceleration as it starts of as a slow vibration then revs up to a higher speed. I have to say that Lelo's controls are usually simple and easy to use. The control pad will illuminate only when you press a button they do not stay illuminated while in use.

When it comes to charging your Isla you will want to make sure she has a full charge. I don't know an exact time frame she takes to charge as I just plugged her in and walked away. When you plug Isla into the charger the control pad will blink until your Isla is fully charged. You will know Isla is fully charged by looking to see if her control pad is fully illuminated. If she is fully illuminated then she is fully charged. You should get 4 hours of playtime off of one charge, the playtime though will vary depending on speed and pattern you choose to use.


As always Lelo has some awesome packaging which is perfect for gift giving if you are wanting to get your partner something awesome. Lelo's outer package isn't discreet at all as it does have photos of Isla on it. You can remove the outer box an present your partner the lovely black gift box that simply has Lelo on it.  Once you open the gift box you will see Isla laying there along with a lapel insignia pin.
Of course Isla is laying in the her velvet foam bed. To the side you will see where it say Lelo you will want to lift that up to reveal your charger, satin storage pouch, warranty card, general Owner's Manual and a small sample of Lelo's lube which comes with all of their items. You can see all the extras at beginning of the review where a picture of the whole contents of the package is displayed.

I mentioned that there was a gold insignia lapel pin in this package, it is new to me because this is my first ever Insignia item from Lelo. I find the pin to be neat but I personally have no real purpose for it. I will more then likely leave it in the box or put it next to another pin I received from another company.
The lapel pin is made in what seems to be a very sturdy metal. I know it isn't actual gold so it is probably steel with a gold plating.

Care & Storage

Since the Isla is made out of two nonporous materials she will for the most part be easy to clean. You can only sterilize the silicone part of Isla and that can only be done using the 10% bleach solution as you can't boil her or put her in the dishwasher as she has plastic components as well as motors inside. Extreme heat can and will damage your motors. If you choose to use the bleach solution make sure that you rinse Isla thoroughly before use. You of course can use standard soap and water, toy wipes, baby wipes or toy cleaners.

I do want to warn about where the plastic and the silicone come together, you will want to make sure you pay extra attention to those areas. I am positive fluids can seep down in there.
You will want to make sure that you are cleaning your toys before use, after use or after sharing with your partner unless you are already fluid bonded.

You will want to use a water based lubricant as some silicone lubes and silicone don't mix. If you prefer a silicone or hybrid lubricant make sure to spot test so that you know if the lube will run your precious Isla.

Storing Isla will be pretty simple you can either store her and all her contents in the silk storage pouch that is included when you place your order. If you are like me and for whatever reason don't get too much use out of the storage pouches you can store her and all her contents in the original packaging.

My Experience

I finally was able to use Isla and I have to say with the design and shape of the center hav
having a square like made things interesting. with the slight curve I was able to hit my 
G-Spot but not like I had hoped for. It was for sure a different feeling. Even though the vibrations weren't super buzzy they were not rumbly either. The vibrations still worked for me. As for clean up it wasn't as bad as I figured it would be with the crease between the plastic and the silicone. 
I used the Lelo lube sample that came with Isla, an that was the first time I ever tried it even though its came with ALL of my other Lelo items. Personally for me the Lelo lube dried up way to quick leaving me with a dragging feeling from the silicone. I would recommend using a different brand of lubricant that you may already have on hand. My next go around with Isla I will be using my Sliquid or Spunk Lube so I don't have the quick dry up when it comes to the lube issue. 

I give Isla a 4 out of 5 


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