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14 September 2014

Pipedream Icicles No.55 Review

Periodically I get goody boxes from Pipedream with either items I have requested to review or items that fit my likes that they want my opinion on. I got the Icicles No.55 in my last batch of review items! While the No.55 was not on my list of items I wish to review it was sent along. Surprises can be fun and in the case of the No.55 fun was surly had ;) we will save those details til the Experience Section. 

Icicles is a line of glass dildos that are hand blown so not every single one will be the same, since they are hand blown they can very just a little bit from the next.  Glass pieces have no give to them meaning you will need to have a great line of communication with your partner if you are allowing them to use the massager on you. The particular dildo is geared towards the ladies, sorry guys maybe next time. Ladies, both ends have curved tips meaning G-Spot stimulation is going to be happening. The No.55 is NOT anal safe so don't go that route unless you want to end up on a Sex Sent Me To The ER episode on TLC
Glass toys can be lots of fun from using right out of the box at room temperature to heating things up to cooling them down. 
Since this is geared towards the ladies you will want to start off slowly as it is made with glass and glass as we know as mentioned already has no give to it. If you get to ramrodding this into your vagina you can cause bruising to the vaginal walls as well as your cervix rendering you a great deal of pain. The total length of the No.55 is 7.75 inches long and 1.25 inches of girth. With those measurements this could be a beginner glass piece if you are sure you can take the texture. 
Want to learn more?! Read On.... 

Okay, so we have touched on the material a little in the overview but we are going to talk more in depth about it here. The Icicles line is made out of Pyrex yes, like your baking dishes you bake with. This type of glass is also know as Borosilicate glass. We will stick to Pyrex glass since it comes to mind quicker then Borosilicate glass. Pyrex glass is nonporous meaning it won't absorb your bodily fluids, lubes or the likes, it is also hypoallergenic, latex free and above all phathalates free. 
Pyrex glass can be sterilized which is why glass toys are good to use especially if you share your toys or are prone to UTIs, yeast infections or anything along those lines, cause with a porous toy you would simply reinfect yourself. We will discuss how to sterilize your No.55 later in the Care Section that you will be able to find below. 
Beings the No.55 is glass we of course there is absolutely NO give to it at all so you will NOT want to go ramming it around inside as it can cause bruising. Before you use your No.55 you will want to inspect all over even if there was NOTHING WRONG when you put it back in the toy box. When it comes to glass toys it is very important to check for any chips, deep scratches, cracks or anything that can cut you especially the vaginal tissue since it is thin and delicate. 
Pyrex or Borosilicate glass doesn't break easily and if it does break it usually breaks in chunks rather than in shards like thinner glass items do. 

The No.55 has texture up and down the shaft each end of the shaft is different. One end has a swirl pattern around the shaft and the other has raised nubs. Glass toys are also known for their smoothness even those with texture glide smoothly.

Let's talk temperature play.....
You can use the No.55 at room temperature an that can be cool enough for one person but still too warm to the next person. 
I will list my suggestions below as well as what Pipedream's suggestions are.

-To Cool Things Down-
You will want to either place your No.55 in a cup of ice water or in the refrigerator. 
On the packaging it recommends to place the No.55 in the freezer!!
Do NOT put this in the freezer to then be used on your delicate lady bits nobody wants a frozen piece of glass stuck to their clit or their vaginal walls. All I think about when it says place in the freezer is, the kids in all the winter movies who's tongues get stuck to the poles. So with that said stick to running your No.55 or any other glass toy under cold water or submerging it in a glass of ice water for a minute or two. 

-To Heat Things Up-
In order to heat things up you will want to place the No.55 into a cup of warm/hot tap water. Make sure that it isn't too hot by sticking your finger in the running water. If running water BURNS fingers you will want to go cooler cause if it burns your finger it WILL burn your vagina.
On the packaging it suggests the cup of warm/hot water but then it states to place the No.55 in the MICROWAVE to heat it up! Please DO NOT place your No.55 or ANY other glass toy into the microwave to heat for temperature play. When heating glass of any kind in the microwave it heats unevenly, come on now you know even Hot Pockets heat unevenly in a microwave. Avoid heating your No.55 or any other glass toy in the microwave. It isn't mentioned on the packaging but so nobody can say "Nobody told me NOT to boil it for temperature play!" I am saying it NOW, do NOT boil your No.55 then attempt to use it for temperature play... Remember Sex Sent Me To The ER episode let's not become a star on TV because of that show. 

When it comes to temperature play, you also want to make sure that you aren't taking your No.55 from one extreme temperature to the next extreme temperature. Drastic changes in temperature will weaken the glass an it can eventually crack, chip or break. So with that said if you are going to chill things down allow your No.55 to return back to room temperature before heating it up an starting off with heat then chilling it down.

When it comes to the Icicles No.55 you will notice that both ends curve one curves up while the other curves down, both end can be turned to where you get amazing G-Spot stimulation. You can see the full dildo in the photo as well as what each end looks like. I love that the No.55 has the bulbous head as it makes for easier insertion. As you can see top photo on the left shows the raised nubs along the shaft these nubs go halfway down the shaft. Top right photo shows the other end of the Icicles No.55 where it has a raised swirl down half the shaft. No.55 can give you the best of both worlds in the texture area as they meet in the middle so if you are able to insert more than half the upper half of your vagina will feel one texture while the lower half will feel the other texture. I love that they meet in the middle because having two different texture stimulation going on feels great. Since the glass is hard with the right pressure you can rock the No.55 for G-Spot stimulation. Regardless of the way you use the No.55 it is enjoyable, you can turn the curve towards the back wall of your vagina an get anal stimulation without having to penetrate your anus. The curve rubs against the back wall providing a wonderful sensation, twirl it an get G-Spot and anal stimulation all while inside the vagina. The wall between your vagina and anus is thin so that is why you can get some anal stimulation without having actual anal penetration.

As always Pipedream has some AWESOME packaging for their higher end items especially their breakables. The packaging is not discreet but is pretty elegant if you ask me. I love how everything is presented in a classy way. The little ribbon on the side on the box if you pull that up, you will reveal the No.55 through the peek-a-boo window. When you open up the top of the box to remove your No.55 you will be pulling out a big piece of foam that the No.55 is nestled into to keep it from breaking during shipping. I love the Icicles Packaging it it also great for storage since it has the foam insert to keep the No.55 protected. Pipedream always makes sure that there is tons of information about the item you are receiving on the box, so in short the box is like your Owner's Manual. As mentioned earlier I don't agree with the heating things up and chilling things down part of the packaging but everything else I love. If you choose to toss the packaging you can recycle the box while the foam would of course go to the trash. 

Care & Storage
Caring for the No.55 is pretty simple there are several ways of cleaning your No.55. You will want to clean your No.55 BEFORE and AFTER each and EVERY use. Some of the ways to clean your No.55 will sterilize it while the other ways will not sterilize it. The ways to sterilize your No.55 will have a (image) and
 the ways that will NOT sterilize your No.55 will have a (image).

imageAntibacterial Toy Cleanerimage 
There are many different toy cleaners on the market, some come in a spray bottle in which you would spray down your No.55 allow to set for a moment before wiping the cleaner and your bodily fluids from the toy. You can also find toy cleaners that you actually lather up like a soap and have to rinse off in the sink. 

imageToy Wipes/Baby Wipesimage
While these will work for quick cleanup I don't personally recommend wipes being your main option when cleaning your No. 55 even though it is glass and nonporous. I use wipes as a pre-clean so that most of the bodily fluids are cleaned up so the toy cleaner can work its magic a little better. 

imageAntibacterial Soap & Warm Waterimage
You can easily wash your No.55 off in the sink using an antibacterial soap followed by rinsing thoroughly before use or storage.

Since the No.55 is made out of the same exact glass as your Pyrex baking dishes and it doesn't have a motor inside you can toss it in the dishwasher. You will want to make sure it is on the top rack an not in with your dinner dishes okay.

imageBoiling image
You can boil your No.55 in a pot of water on the stove for about 5-10 minutes. If you must remove it from the pot when done boiling you will want to use silicone tip tongs to remove the No.55 an lay it on a towel to cool an dry. You can leave the No.55 in the pot til the whole thing cools off if you aren't expecting anyone to drop or nosy kiddios want to know "what you are cooking." 

image10% Bleach 90% Waterimage
Want to skip waiting for the pot  of water to heat up and come to a boil? Want to avoid the forgetting your dildo in the dishwasher an someone other then your spouse/fiance/partner finding it. You can make a bleach solution in which you will want to soak you No.55 for 5 or so minutes before rinsing thoroughly and allowing to dry before storing.

There are a select few storage methods you can choose to use, I use original packaging to store 98% of all my toys that I get. If you don't want to use the original packaging for storage, you can order a toy pouch from your favorite toy shop like the Sugar Sak which is a toy pouch that antibacterial properties you can click here to read more on what the Sugar Sak offers. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you could make your own toy pouches as well. There are many different options for storing your glass toys.

When it comes to glass you can use any lubricant you wish to use whether it is water based, silicone, oil or a hybrid lubricant. If you are able to use your personal lubricant made by your own body that is even better since glass pieces are smooth even when they have texture to them.

My Experience 
I have to say I love No.55 normally I use toys alone before allowing my partner to use them on me! I do this to make sure that I can #1 take the length/girth, #2 take the texture if any and #3 because if the item doesn't work for me alone I don't want an EPIC FAIL with a toy with my partner even though our sex life is beyond amazing. I was able to feel all the nubs and then out of nowhere as my partner penetrated me deeper with the No.55 I was able to feel the swirls. Using the Icicles No.55 during oral is great too, you get the best of both worlds in a sense, while your partner is eating you out you can get G-Spot stimulation with the No.55. My partner usually will go the finger route while performing oral on me but toys are always nice to include. 
Being penetrated with the No.55 in doggy style felt amazing, since my pelvis was tilted up so the pressure and curve hit all the right spots. Now remember me mentioning that you needed an open line of communication especially when it comes to use toys with no give? Yeah, I had to remind my man that usually we do the "love making" thing, not fucking.... He is gentle 98% of the time but that 2% is where we make sure our lines of communication are there. 

So overall I give the No.55 a 5 out of 5 all the way around!

Thanks goes out to Pipedream Products for supplying me with the No.55 for my review!

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