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22 March 2014

He Isn't The ONLY One Who Adores Me

If you are looking for a great kit to spice up the bedroom, or something different to surprise your lover, I would recommend checking out the Adore Me Pleasure Kit. You can include shower play as well, when it comes to Mia 2. You can't go wrong: from bedroom play to great photo props, this kit has endless opportunities.
You save $70.98, durable, wonderful variety.
Mia 2 isn't powerful enough for me, blindfold could have more stretch to it.


The Adore Me Pleasure Set by Lelo is a set that can be used by almost anybody, I would say that this is a great introductory kit for those wanting to test the waters with BDSM. There are many aspects of this kit, and it comes with the following: Intima Silk BlindfoldSutra Chainlink Cuffs, and the Mia 2 vibrator. On Eden's site it states you get a gift card - that "gift card" is just your warranty card. Make sure you register your kit for the warranties that Lelo offers on their items. You really get some awesome things in this kit. Everything in this kit is red, which I like as I find it attractive and sexy.

You can purchase each piece of this kit separately, in several different colors, but I would suggest buying the kit if you are wanting everything. Purchased separately, you are looking at spending $209.98; the kit with all 3 items comes out to $139.00, so you would be saving $70.98. It's a great deal if you ask me.

Lelo's Adore Me Pleasure Set can be used by women and men; it isn't made to work for just one gender. As the cuffs are adjustable (as is the blindfold to a point), they will fit many wrist and even ankle sizes. Mia 2 can be used to stimulate many places on the body, depending on the person using it. If you are female bodied, you can use it for clitoral and nipple stimulation, body massages, as well as a tease for the vagina; since the insertable length is less then 2 inches, you won't use it much for penetration. For those who are male bodied, you can use Mia 2 to stimulate nipples, testicles, and the penis.

Since Mia 2 is very small - less then 5 inches long and without a flared base - it is best not to use it for any type of anal play. I would say this also includes not using it to stimulate the outside of the anus, as you can have an accidental slip and it could get lost in the anal cavity. Mia 2 is waterproof, so you are able to slip into the shower, tub, or pool with her if you wish.

The use of the cuffs is simply to cuff your partner's hands or feet together so they are unable to move them. While the cuffs are pretty sturdy, I would say they would best be used by people who are just getting into BDSM or are into very light play.

When it comes to the silk blindfold, it can be used by beginners right up to the most experienced users out there. As the name states, it is used to "blind" you so you are unable to see what is going on around you.

If you aren't into using the cuffs or blindfold for sexual use or pleasure, I think they would make great photo props for a boudoir photo shoot. The Adore Me Pleasure Set can be used for foreplay, or parts of it can be used solo. I would say this set is pretty travel friendly, depending on how you travel. Mia 2 looks like mascara or lipstick, so it is easy to hide, and many people use blindfolds to block out light when sleeping. As for the cuffs, you can tell what they are but, depending on how you store them in your luggage, you could get away with being discreet.


There are many different aspects to this amazing set, so I will explain them separately.

Mia 2-What It's Made Of
Mia 2 is made out of plastic, for the most part, which rates an 8 on Eden's Safety Scale. With Mia 2 being made out of plastic, it is not able to be sterilized, but it is a hard, nonporous material. The small vibrator is hypoallergenic, latex free and phathalates free; that is a plus for people who can only use certain materials. There is a metal band that runs around the center of Mia 2; removing the cap on the end also will reveal the metal where the charger connection is. Metal rates a 9 on Eden's Safety Scale, meaning it is nonporous, hypoallergenic, and latex free.
Feel & Smell
Initially there is no smell to the plastic, until you pull the cap off the end where you will find the charging port. The smell isn't that strong, but noticeable if you put it up to your nose - it is a simple plastic smell. The metal is smooth to the touch without any type of texture, so there will not be an added sensation from the metal.

As many of you know plastic can have many different feels and textures, Mia 2, however, is very simple: there is no texture at all on her. Super smooth to the touch, without any ridges, ripples, or bumps, it makes for a great beginner's toy.

The only "texture" that is on Mia 2 is the small bump you can feel when going from the red part to the silver band. That simple texture does nothing for stimulation. Mia 2 is a great addition to many toys boxes, since it is sleek, simple, and rechargeable.

Sutra Chainlink Cuffs
There are a few materials that make up the cuffs, but they are mainly silk. I found that they are made of silk, suede, and metal.
The majority of the cuffs are made out of silk, which is a natural protein fiber known for its shimmering appearance and slick feel. You can see a floral pattern woven throughout the top of the cuffs. This gives the cuffs a great touch. The silk is mainly on the top of the cuff, aside from a small "ribbon" like area underneath that holds the clips and chain in place. The "ribbon" is made of silk as well. Caring for silk can be a little tricky; please read the Care & Maintenance Section for that information.

On the backside is where you will find the suede. The suede has a soft, napped finish and is soft and smooth to the touch.

There is a light scent to both the silk and suede, but I am thinking it is more from the suede; it isn't very strong or off-putting.

Lastly, when it comes to the Sutra Chainlink Cuffs, is the metal. This material is an 9 on the Eden Safety Scale, and it makes up the links and clasps on the cuffs. The metal is very smooth and durable. Of course, there is no smell to it either.
Intima Silk Blindfold
The Intima Silk Blindfold is made out of silk, and it has an elastic band in the back of it so it is able to fit several head shapes, as well as sizes. You will find the same exact floral pattern woven throughout the inside of the blindfold, as well as down the tails you will use to tighten it.

Design / Shape / Size

I love the design of each part of this set.

When it comes to Mia 2, she is very tiny and could easily be left out on your dresser or tossed in your purse. Mia 2 will blend in with your makeup: she kind of resembles lipstick or mascara, and who wouldn't love that? She is 4.5 inches long, with an insertable length of almost 1.5 inches. The circumference is 3 inches; the diameter is 1 inch. Mia 2 weighs almost next to nothing, weighing in at a whole whopping 1oz. Since Mia 2 has a semi-pointed, blunt end, you can use her for pinpoint clitoral stimulation if you wish. I would say that Mia 2 would make a great travel companion, as she can easily slip into your purse, pocket, makeup bag, or luggage without anyone second guessing you on what she is. Anyone can enjoy Mia 2, from beginners to advanced users, and everyone in between. I wouldn't say that Mia 2 is discreet when it comes to her sound: I can hear it over 3 fans and the music on my computer, but if you have all that going no one should hear it outside of the bedroom door.

The Sutra Chain Link Cuffs are designed pretty well and, since there are several different links on the cuffs, you are able to use these as either wrist cuffs or ankle cuffs, which I like. There are 5 links on each side of the cuffs for sizing. There are 2 clamps that are used for clasping the cuffs to the links, to secure them on your wrists or ankles. I have some measurements of the cuffs as well as my wrist measurements.

The wrist part is going to be 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. I found that my wrists were 7 inches in circumference, and I was able to comfortably wear the cuffs on the second link. You can choose your own link and what is the most comfortable for you. From clip to clip, the cuff measure in at 26.5 inches in total length, with 15 inches in between for movement.

The metal links and clasps are very sturdy and durable, but I don't believe they would hold up to hardcore play. I would say that these cuffs are best suited for someone wanting to test the waters of being restrained. While these can be folded up to a pretty small size, if you were to travel with them or left them out in your room, people would automatically know what they were for. They are discreet in a way, but not 100% discreet.

The Intima Silk Blindfold should work for several different head sizes, for male or female; my head measures in at 22 inches, and I found the blindfold a little snug. I believe with more elastic in the back it would fit perfectly. With the blindfold laid flat, it measured in at 11 inches long unstretched, and 12 inches long stretched. The side bands are 1.75 inches wide, with the eye cover being 7 inches long and 2.25 inches wide. There are ties/tails in the back that you can tie up to tighten the blindfold if need be; those measured in at 22.5 inches long and 1.75 inches wide. 

When it comes to the shape of the blindfold, it is a pretty general shape; I was able to see light entering around my nose area. I was also able to see some movement, but not enough to give away what was to come next. I would say that the blindfold is discreet for the most part: yes, you will know what it is if you come across it, but it doesn't mean that it has to be sexually related. I know some people sleep in blindfolds to block out light; I wouldn't recommend sleeping in this one with as long as the ties/tails are.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Mia 2 can be listed as a multiple speed toy, but really all you can do is change the strength of the vibration; there aren't any type of pulsations or escalations in the vibrations. This is a plus for myself, personally. Battery life seems to be okay - I used Mia 2 for about 20-30 minutes and didn't experience any decrease in vibrations while using it. I discovered that the vibrations were felt throughout the whole toy, with them being buzzy vibrations. My fingers started to go numb not long after I started using it.

There are 2 simple buttons found on Mia 2, + and -. If you hold the + down for 2 seconds, she will power on. To change the intensity of the vibrations, you will simply hold down the + button and you will feel the vibrations increase. You can just stop pushing the + when you have reached your desired intensity level. You can also just push the + once, up to 12 times, until you reach your desired intensity level. To turn Mia 2 off or to lower your intensity level, you would simply push the - button until she turned off, or you can hold the - down until she completely shuts off or reaches your desired intensity level.

Mia 2 has a travel lock as well, for if you want to travel and you don't want to have her accidentally turn on and either embarrass you or drain your battery. Simply push both the + and - at the same time, and you will see a little light flash; this would mean that you have set your travel lock. When travel lock is on, you can push buttons all you want without her coming on. To undo the travel lock, you would follow the same steps as before when locking her. Hold down the + and - buttons until you see the little light come on; once it flashes, you are unlocked and ready to play.

I would say that the controls are simple and easy to use; I didn't find any types of issues with accidentally changing the speed while I was using it.
Mia 2 did prove to me that she was waterproof!! In the above photos, you can see her floating in my nice blue bath water from my Shunga Bath Salts. To me, the vibrations felt stronger in the water then out of the water; why, I am unsure. When I got out of the bath, I thoroughly dried off the outside of my Mia 2. I then twisted off the cap to make sure that water didn't get inside. Everything checked out dry as the Mojave Desert.

The controls were easy to use in the water as well.

To charge, simply remove the cap and plug in to your laptop, computer tower, UBS wall charger, or even your USB charger in the car. When charging you will see a little light flashing; once Mia 2 is completely charged, you will see a solid light indicating that she is done charging. When I first got her, the initial charge took about 30 minutes.

When it comes to the blindfold and cuffs, they serve their purpose but, like I mentioned earlier, these 2 items are best used for light play to ensure that they will hold up for many play times  to come.

Care and Maintenance

Since there are several materials used in this kit, I will give a simple rundown on how to care for each one.

Plastic can be easily cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap, toy wipes, or sprayed down with an antibacterial toy cleaner. Don't boil or put into the dishwasher. Lubes that can be used with plastic are water-, oil-, and silicone-based.

You can clean the metal components easily with an antibacterial soap and warm water, an antibacterial toy cleaner, or toy wipes. While metal can be sterilized, I would not recommend boiling, putting in dishwasher, or using bleach, since the metal is attached to the silk and is not removable.

Silk is very delicate: you should hand wash in tepid water. You can use a mild detergent or lingerie wash to wash the blindfold. Rinse at least 3 times and then let air dry.

Suede stains easily due to the texture and open pores; it gets dirty pretty quickly as well. Since suede is very delicate, and using water on it drives out the essential oils from the material. This would cause suede to turn darker in color and become damaged. Instead, you will need to clean the suede part with special suede cleaners.

Storing any part of this kit should be very simple: you can store everything in the box that it came in, as it makes a great storage case. You also get a storage pouch that is 5.25 inches long and 3.25 inches wide that you can slip Mia 2 inside. Personally, I store everything in my box.


I love the way Lelo packages their items; the box comes slid inside a sleeve that is slick and glossy. On the front you will find a pair of red lips, with the following in silver print: "Adore Me Pleasure Set." On the back, it tells you what you will find inside, as well as having a photo of what the kit includes. Slide the little black box out of the sleeve to find an elegant storage box that has Lelo stamped in the top in silver. You will see a little black ribbon tab that you can pull up on to reveal the contents inside. Upon opening your kit, you will see Mia 2 nestled in her spot, followed by the cuffs and blindfold in their own slots. If you remove the little tray that everything lies in, you will find your owner's manual and warranty card.

I believe the packaging is perfect to wrap up for gift giving to that special someone in your life. The manual gives you pretty simple how to operate directions, but also states "For Adult Use ONLY." If you ask me, that should be a no-brainer.


Overall, I am satisfied with this kit and can't wait to get my full use out of it with my partner. I'm glad I was able to get this as my first soft core BDSM kit. I like that it comes with cuffs to restrain you, while having the blindfold to put you in the dark, awaiting your partner's next move. For the price, it is for sure worth it if you want everything included, and a lot cheaper to purchase as a kit.


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