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07 March 2014

What Song Brings Out Your Inner Stripper?

The fabulous representative over at Tabutoys has done it again! I have to say this is one of my FAVORITE companies to work with. 
I am sure you are wondering why the title of this post is asking about, "What Song Brings Out Your Inner Stripper?" 
We all have that ONE or more songs we love to dance to and often times we do some stripper moves to that particular song. I am asking cause I may need some new music to add to my library to see if it too brings out my inner stripper. Leave the links or names in the comment box for me! I will be reviewing the Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole Kit and you can learn more about it below. 

One of my faves would have to be "Bad GirlFriend" by Theory of a Deadman when it comes to club like music some of the older songs come to mind like "I'm in Love With a Stripper" by T-Pain as well as  "Stripper Song" by Wyclef Jean. To round out some of my favorite songs that bring out that inner stripper in me would be "I'm In Chains by Tina Arena and "Strip" by Chris Brown

Overview & Use

The Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole Kit is a dace pole often called a stripper pole since people think only fit women or strippers use them. Contrary to popular belief there are many women from the small, tall, short and plumpy women who can rock a Dance Pole. When it comes to the Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole, it can accommodate several different weights as well as heights for everyone out there. I love that the Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole  can work for an array of people, even those who have short ceilings or even tall ceilings in your home.  You can dance your heart out in your living room for a good workout or you can take it to the bedroom an dance for your man or woman in your life. You can also take your, Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole Kit with you on the GO!! Yes, you read that RIGHT you can take your pole on the go! If you are already a professional stripper and you are asked to do a bachelor party or any party for that matter you can pack up your pole and take it with you. 

Installation Of Your Dance Pole

According to the Owner's Manual the Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole  fits ceilings ranging from 7'2"-8'6" I found these to be off when I measured my ceiling and the poles. In the picture on the left is showingthe dance pole assembled and in place. The particular space where the pole is setup at is approximately 7'5" I was only able to use the top extension pole along with the bottom extension pole. The measurements of each pole piece I will list below as well as the length of the extensions as well. The bottom extension pole measures in at approximately 31" without the extension being used when fully extended, the extension on the bottom pole is approximately 8.25" with the extension fully extended the full length of the bottom is approximately 39.25". The center pole which has no type of extension measures in at approximately 27.75" , this pole isn't required to use unless trying to reach higher ceilings. In the picture above I am only using the 2 extension poles without the center pole. Finally the top extension pole measures in at approximately 29" without being extended, the extension length is approximately 19" bring the total length to approximately 48". When you add all the measurements together they equal out to 115" which is approximately 9'5", my ceilings are approximately 10" which would be around 120" putting my ceiling 5" off from what the manual says even the 9'5" measurements are off. When I assembled my pole to the 10" part of my ceiling the I was able to fit from floor to ceiling without affecting the sturdiness of the pole. I think the extra 5" came into play as when I was putting up the pole the top extension pole won't lock in place unless the top portion is extended past the measurements on the pole. Without going past the measurements on the top portion when pressure is applied to the top extension it pushes down making it hard to get in place. Not only can you accommodate several ceiling heights the Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole works for an array of people no matter their weight. For those who are under 220lbs you can easily extend the poles up and dance away! For those who are over 220lbs or you are looking for more stability as a smaller person you can simply bolt this Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole into the ceiling. In the manual it states to have a handyman come and bolt the ceiling plate to the ceiling. I could ONLY imagine how that call to your handyman would go...I am sure it would go a little like mine did with my "handyman" known as my dad who has YEARS of construction and foreman work. 

You could go about it the way I did, I walked in an said:
Me:"Hey um can you find a ceiling joist in my ceiling in my room?" 
Dad:"Um why? What is it for?"
Me:"Don't ask questions!!!!" It's either a Yes, I can or No, I can't response."
Dad:"Well still what is it for?!"
Me:"You know asking questions that lead to answers you don't care to hear!"
Me:"If you MUST know it is for my stripper pole so can you or can't you?"
Dad:"Well um, yeah I will have to go to the shed for bolts" 
Me:"Why do you think I have been cleaning and rearranging my room?"
Dad:"Cause you were getting your desk to put in there." 
Me:"Well that was a part of the reason but I had room to put the desk without rearranging things."
Dad:"Confused look on his face......while I was trying to explain my pole"
Me:'Hold on I will be back"
I drug my dance pole that was fully put together through the house and to him so he could fully see what I was talking about.
Dad:"Oh well how much was it? Where did you get it?"
Me:"Oh well you know its a review item."
Dad:"Well that doesn't tell me how much it was"
Me:"Walking through the kitchen and down the hall back towards my room, FREE it is a REVIEW ITEM." 
Dad:"Can you get dirty movies? I want some new cartoon porn!!"
Me:"Says the man who says EWWW every time I get a new package in the mail cause 99% of the time its a new toy." 
Dad:"So can you get movies like that? Cartoon Porn!"
Me:"I would have to look, and it's called Anime Porn." 

I have to say I will NOT be getting him Anime Porn!!!!!

Now my parents know I review toys and all that, I also use to be a toy consultant so me having these things is no biggie. I have gotten so much humor over this from the comments my parents have made. I will share my mom's comments in the end of the review.

Could you imagine stating all that to your handyman? The manual said a professional handyman was needed to find the ceiling joist as that is where you have to bolt the ceiling plate. If you don't want to have the awkward conversation with a professional handyman or a handyman in your family; you can purchase a stud finder that will help detect the ceiling joists. Know that when bolting anything to your ceiling holes will be left behind, you can easily cover in the holes if you take the pole down permanently using liquid nail or spacial. 
In the photo above you will see different parts of the parts included in the Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole Kit. The far left top photo shows the hole that locks the top extension pole into the ceiling plate. Center photos show both the ceiling and floor plates the silver plate is the one you mount to the ceiling while the black plate is the floor plate which you don't bolt to anything. Bottom left photo is showing you the top extension pole locked into place in the ceiling plate. Top right photo is a picture of the spanner which is basically a wrench so you can tighten the bottom plastic nuts that secure everything in place. While mentioning the nuts there are 2 of those as well as 2 washer like rings that lock into the bottom plate and the bottom pole. Using the spanner will help you get the best possible tightness you will need to lock everything in place. Once your pole is up and in place you will want to grab a hold of the pole applying weight and pressure to check the stability. It is recommended that you have a 2nd person to help you with putting up your Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole, I didn't have any help putting mine up aside from bolting the ceiling plate into place. You will get all the instructions step by step from the User Manual as well as the instructional DVD that comes in your kit. Very clear assembly instructions. I honestly thought the DVD was going to be kind of a dance instruction DVD to show you different moves but I was WRONG. Luckily I have a cousin who has been dancing for work for many of years who is willing to teach me some things on the pole. If you don't know anyone who has been professionally pole dancing or taught themselves you can always turn to Youtube or other sites that show such videos to teach yourself. 

Here are photos of what the poles look like up close an pulled apart. The slender end with indention spots is the pole that you would insert into the fully rounded end. Both ends slide into each other pretty easily and come apart pretty easy as well. When dancing on the Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole these poles stay in place and don't move. When you are spinning on the pole the pole stays still, this particular dance pole is stationary. There are spinner poles that are out on the market. Once I fully get the hang of a stationary pole I want to try a spinning pole for sure.


The packaging is not discreet per say but it doesn't show nudity nor does it say "stripper pole" it is marketed as a dance pole. Many people can use a  dance pole outside of clubs and outside of stripping off clothing. Dancing is a great exercise all on its own but adding in lifting your own body weight helps tone you up. The front of the box shows a cartoon girl in dace clothes leaning on the pole. On the back portion of the box it shows everything that is included in the Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole Kit. On the sides of the box it shows real ladies dancing on the pole. I love how the packaging is somewhat of a confidence booster as it states "You've Got It, So Flaunt It!" Even as a plus sized lady I flaunt what I have. As I mentioned in the Installing section, you will receive an Owner's Manual as well as an Instructional DVD on how to install your Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole. It may be hard to see but in the far right hand photo you can see the handle on the box. Aside from being able to break down your pole an take it on the go it's box also doubles as a carrying case. One thing I have to say about the packaging is that I had hoped for a storage bag or carrying case, that was NOT made out of cardboard as it won't last very long if you are constantly disassembling your pole an placing it back in its box. If you are planning to install your Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole and not store it in it's box you can toss it in the recycling bin.
 Let's take a look at the inside packaging now....
When you open the box that your Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole comes in you will see what is pictured to the right. Cardboard, Plastic and Styrofoam is what the packaging consists of. Again, if you are taking your dance pole down when not in use for whatever reason such as: hiding it from your kids, friends when they come to visit or family whether they come to visit or you live with them, you will "wear out" the Styrofoam and the cardboard out quickly. The poles are individually wrapped in plastic sleeves to elevate them knocking against each other and to keep them from scratching. Looking at the photos I have here the kit may look incomplete and missing the ceiling plate, which is in the box on the underside of the Styrofoam that the floor plate is attached to. Everything you need is suppose to be inside this kit which to me would mean that the bolts and nuts to bolt into the ceiling is included. This wasn't the case with my kit, there is no type of nuts or bolts which I am going to assume would have fit in the bottom empty rectangle in the right hand corner. If your kit doesn't come with these items you can head on over to your local hardware store to get the bolts. It would probably be best to ask a sales associate what type of bolts they recommend for hanging items over 220lbs if you aren't familiar with the hardware stores. You don't have to shout it's for your stripper pole going up, you can claim you need them for a swing in your backyard or whatever if they ask what you are using them for. 

My Experience

My experience is, so far so good no broken neck or leg yet! Totally kidding on that. I have lots to learn as I have never danced on a pole before. In all honesty, the closest I have ever gotten to climbing a "stripper pole" or sliding down it twirling would be the Fireman's Pole at the park growing up as a kid! Yes, I just went there comparing a Fireman's Pole at the park in which kids climb as well as slide down and a Stripper Pole. They are about the same right?! Haha! Only thing I am lacking for my sexy dance is some heels and maybe some new lingerie. I have watched several videos of plus sized women who were doing pole tricks like it was nobody's business and I too am hoping to get to that point as well. Using a dance pole for exercise is a great way to get a cardio workout in as well as toning yourself up!! Win Win right? I was ooberly excited when I sent over my list and was told I could review the Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how quick Tabutoys shipping is! I will do a follow up review or post a new post linked back to this review on my progress with my pole. 

As promised another funny moment over getting my dance pole!

When my dance pole was delivered I was laying down taking a nap, the ONLY reason I woke up was because my Pit went completely crazy growling and barking. Mind you the FedEx guy didn't even knock on the door, just came an put the box on the porch. I got up pushed her away from the door, opened the door an seen this BIG BOX! I knew it was my dance pole. Grabbing the box to take it into my room my mom asks.....
Mom:"What is that?"
Me:"Oh you know just another review item" 

Heading towards me room
Mom:"I REALLY hope that isn't a dildo that LONG or that WIDE!!!!"
Me:"Um Yeah mom, um NO isn't not a dildo that LONG or that WIDE...Come on now that wouldn't fit an if it did it would WRECK my vagina!!"

Never a dull moment in my house! 

To get your very own Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole you can click on any of the links in my review. Tabutoys offers an array of dancer items from shoes, lingerie, dance gloves and so much more.

Thanks So MUCH to Tabutoys for allowing me the opportunity to try out the Peekaboo Platinum Dance Pole.

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