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14 March 2014

Who Got Laid?! I got Laid from Burlesque Toy Shop C.1

I would like to welcome Burlesque Toy Shop aboard here at Sapphire Ray's Toy Chest!! I learned that they do their review program way different then a few other companies I have worked with over the years. I went searching for the Laid C.1 Clitoral Vibrator that I was asked about reviewing, well I didn't find it on their site. I sent out an e-mail to the rep I am working with an her response was, "You couldn't find the C.1 on the site because we haven't added it just yet. We want YOUR help in testing it out to decide if it would be a valuable addition. So if you really like it or think that other people might really like it, let me know so we can add it to the site so you link it to your review." This is something I really like about the Burlesque Toy Shop and how they go about adding items to their site. In all honesty I think this is a wonderful idea even if an item doesn't work for me I can explain how it works and if I believe others would enjoy the toy in question. 

I am ALWAYS on a mission to find the BEST sex toy for me especially when it comes to clitoral vibrators and wand massagers. So far right now nothing has been able to be my We Vibe Salsa I liked my first Salsa so much I ordered 2 more from a site I was apart of.

Read on to learn more about the C.1......

So the C.1 intrigues you? Is it a toy for those with a vagina? Penis? Couples? Well the C.1 is actually marketed as a clitoral vibrator, meaning it is designed for those of us who are female bodied. I would like to say that men could very well enjoy this vibe as well. When I first saw it I thought it was a cock ring as I have seen some that appeared to look similar to the C.1. The C.1 is made by Laid which is a Norwegian company. Ways that you could use the C.1 is to of course stimulate your clitoris which is what it was designed for. When using it on yourself (females) you can place 1 or 2 fingers through the ring to hold it in place where you desire the stimulation to be. You can also have penetration with ease as well with the finger holes whether you are pleasing yourself or your partner. C.1 can also be used to tease your nipples (both male & female), cup it in your hand an stimulate your partner's penis while giving a hand job or blowjob. Since the ring is pretty stretchy you could very well use it as a vibration cock ring. Use the C.1 for clitoral stimulation while having sex I know my partners have enjoyed feeling the vibrations I was receiving down their shaft.
You can get the C.1 in 2 different colors Black and Pink! I received the C.1 in pink from the folks over at Burlesque Toy Shop. If the Burlesque Toy Shop decides to carry the C.1 I would hope that they would carry it in both Black and Pink as many toy users prefer colors other then PINK. I am not totally picky about the color my toys are as long as they do what they are designed to do which is to reach orgasm. I mentioned that both men and women could enjoy the C.1 experience from beginners to advanced users. Some advanced users only prefer certain clitoral vibes. 

What is the C.1 made out of? As with most of the toys in my collection the C.1 is made out of none other than silicone. Silicone is a body safe material that is nonporous, hypoallergenic, phathalates free as well as latex free. If you plan to share your C.1 with your partner it is recommended that even though it is a nonporous material that you sterilize the C.1 before using. There are a few ways you can sterilize your C.1 if you plan to share it with your partner or not it is good to know how to sterilize all toys made of material that can be sterilized. If you are prone to yeast infections it is always best to go with a material that you can sterilize!! Why is this you ask? Well like with most infections you can spread them and porous toys such as jellycyberskin and many other materials that are porous. Porous means that it will soak in your bodily fluids including any little infection you may have. The bodily fluid can soak into the porous toys and bacteria can grow. One of the wonderful things about silicone is if you sterilize it you won't have to worry about tossing your favorite toy or reinfecting yourself. For the most part the C.1 is pretty smooth aside from the textured bumps on the top part that is to come in contact with your clitoris, labia (inner & outer), the penis, nipples or testicles. To me they resemble braille dots. The texture I do not believe would cause issues with anyone as it isn't a rough feeling. Even though there are raised bumps there isn't much concern of them being too rough on a variety of people. I know we have people out there who are super sensitive so it could bother a small amount of people but not enough to not market it. The silicone used on the C.1 has some give to it on the top part where the texture is located. The ring itself is stretchy and super flexible. Some silicone has a draggy feeling to it, you won't find that with the C.1. If you personally experience a drag it wouldn't be nothing that a little lube couldn't fix. That would be on the smooth parts of the ring when it comes to where the numbs are located you could get irritated by the bumps if you used it dry. Always use a personal lubricant when you experience draggy toys as you can save yourself from being rubbed raw or irritated. An I don't know about you but I do NOT want raw or irritated labia or clit. 

An I am not sure what your price limit is when it comes to purchasing toys whether it be a $5.00 vibrator or a $105 vibrator I would be upset that I dropped that money on a porous toy an couldn't use it ever again because I ended up with a yeast infection or something. I am a firm believer that all toys should be made out of nonporous materials such as siliconeglass and steel.

According to the Laid website the C.1 is also made out of ABS Plastic...
What is ABS Plastic? Well it is your basic plastic, which is also nonporous, latex free and phathlate free. Plastic however cannot be 100% sterilized. Luckily for use there is NOTHING on the outside of the C.1 that has plastic that would come in contact with your body or your bodily fluids. You will be able to feel the plastic underneath the silicone though but it has a little cushion from the silicone on it. 

Functions & Design
I am slowly working my way to having most of my toy collection being made up of rechargeable toys. There are more pros to having rechargeable toys vs. the cons of having rechargeable toys. 
The C.1 comes with a USB charging cable, you can charge the C.1 via the USB port on your laptop, desktop or a USB wall adapter. When my C.1 arrived I unboxed it an plugged it into my laptop right away while I was working on reviews. I can honestly say that it does NOT take HOURS to charge the C.1 like I have seen other rechargeable toys take.i believe it was around 20 minutes or less before it was fully charged. You will find a light that will illuminate a solid light or it will flash. Solid light will indicate that your C.1 is FULLY charged an ready to play. When you plug in your C.1 to charge it you will see the light flash every 5 seconds until your C.1 has reached a full charge. If your C.1 starts flashing while in use or when you turn it on, you'll want to plug in the charger and charge the C.1 up. When the battery life is running out the light will flash 5 seconds at a time. When it comes to standby mode your charge will hold for 90 days after that it will start to deplete and you will have recharge your C.1 again. I looked through the Owner's Manual and found no information pertaining to overcharging your battery in your C.1. I would recommend to stay around close by so you can unplug just as soon as the light illuminates to a solid color and not blinking. In the top right photo you can see faintly where you will be plugging in your charger to charge up your C.1.
There is only 1 button that controls the functions of the C.1 an you will find this on the opposite side from the charging port. Press it once to power it on from there you can choose from low steady vibrations to meduim (highest speed of the 2) followed by a pulsation setting. You don't have a huge choice of settings like you get with other multiple functioning toys. To power off your C.1 you will simply want to hold the control button down for 5 seconds.
You can also see in the photo above the bottom right photo shows I am able to fit 3 fingers inside the ring. The ring is pretty stretchy an could very well fit over a penis. 
I would say that the vibrations are on the buzzy side of things. I myself prefer deep rumbling vibrations. Buzzy vibrations have gotten me off before an still do depending on the power behind it. I am sad to report that if you are a power queen this will definitely be let down. 
On a 1-5 scale when it comes to the power with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best I have to rate them as this:
1.)Lowest Power Level-Steady vibrations on the lowest setting sadly is a 1 it feels as if my cellphone was vibrating when getting a call.
2.)Highest Power Level-Steady vibrations come in at a which isn't usually enough power for most. 
3.)High Pulsation Power Level High-Being the ONLY pattern setting I have to say it comes in at a 3 as well. 
Noise level is always something most people consider why purchasing a sex toy. On a 1-5 scale 1 being the quietest and 5 being the loudest
1.)Lowest Power Level-I will say is roughly a 1.5 as it sounds about like a cellphone when it vibrates. While you won't be able to hear it through a closed door or over the running shower someone in the same room will still be able to hear it.
2.)Highest Power Level-On this setting I am going to go with a 3 only because if any part of the C.1 touches the bed, pillow or covers the sound gets louder. While I personally don't think you would hear it through it closed door it is possible if someone were to listen hard enough. You can always turn on a fan, T.V. or the radio if you are in your room. In the shower it should't be heard over the running shower. If anyone is in the room with you they WILL hear your C.1.

The C.1 is a waterproof vibrator so you can take it in the shower or in the bathtub if you wished to. However, I hate to burst your bubble you can't take your C.1 to the beach to have a naughty trip an start foreplay in the ocean. The Owner's Manual says that it is to be used in fresh water only, I honestly wonder what person did some of the things in the DO NOT DO LIST in the Manual. Do NOT charge your C.1 while it is wet or in any type of liquid, make sure it is FULLY DRY before you plug it in to charge.

The design it pretty simple for the most part and could work for several people as we all prefer different things but can have a lot of things in common with others. C.1 is pretty much going to be for those who don't require pinpoint clitoral vibrations. With the way the shape is I honestly don't think there is any way to get pin point stimulation. I will let you know how that goes in the **MY EXPERIENCE** section. With having the ring with the hole in the center it makes it easier to hold and you can easily change angles with very little movement. 

When it comes to C.1's packaging it is pretty simple. I love simple packaging especially if it can used for storage. The C.1 comes in a box that has a foam insert that is cut to fit the shape of not only the C.1 but also the charger cord. When you get your C.1 in the mail you may find it a little tight an a pain in the rump to get the outer sleeve off. I had that issue but it wasn't a total fail nothing got ripped so that is a plus right? Inside you will first find the Owner's Manual, by moving that you will unveil the C.1 and its charger laying in their own little holes. The C.1 and charging cord are simple to remove an place back in to their spots. I prefer to store my toys in their original packaging. There is not a toy pouch included with the C.1 which I am fine with others might not be though. The instruction manual is very helpful and I also laughed at some of the things that they warned you NOT to do. Sadly someone somewhere has had to of done these things for there to be such warnings put in place. 
Here are a few I laughed at:
Do not charge your C.1 outside....I am assuming people charge their sex toys outside? I am going to assume this is so it can't get wet or too much heat while charging. 
Do not use under a blanket, pillow or other similar items as it can get too hot causing a fire. I am pretty sure that is NOT what you want to call 911 for...Could you imagine the call?! Um...Hello my vibrator just caught me, myself and my house on fire.....

Yeah let's not do that okay.
Don't try using your C.1 while it is charging only charge when it is completely dry.  
The C.1 is waterproof up to 3 feet of water. 

Care & Storage

Being that the C.1 is made out of silicone it is easy to care for, for the most part. There are a few ways you can clean the C.1 but only one will sterilize it. I personally use antibacterial toy cleaners to clean all of my toys. You can also use antibacterial soap with hot water, baby wipes or toy wipes none of these ways will sterilize the C.1 though. If you are using soap or a gel toy cleaner that has to be washed off in the sink make sure to rinse thoroughly and dry before storing.

If you are wanting to sterilize your C.1 for sharing or just to be on the cleaner side of things you can use a 10% bleach 90% water solution. You can soak the C.1 for 5 minutes then rinse it thoroughly and dry before using or storing. 

Make sure to clean the area where there are raised dots as fluids can get caught between them. It is best to clean your toys BEFORE & AFTER each and EVERY use.

When it comes to using a personal lubricant the C.1 best matches up with a water based lubricant. If you are the type to use silicone or a hybrid lube (water & silicone) you will want to spot test on a part of the C.1 that will not come in contact with the body. After placing the lube on the C.1 wait a few minutes observe the spot where the lube is, wipe away an see if there was any change in the material. If you experience no change you can move on using the silicone or hybrid lube but it is best to spot test if you use a new brand of lube aside from the one you tested with. 

When it comes to storing your C.1 you can store it in the original packaging which is my option when storing toys. If you wish to use a different method of storing your C.1 you can use a toy pouch purchased from your favorite toy shop, you can also make a toy pouch cheap and easy. One other way you can store your C.1 in a Ziploc bag with its charger. You will want to make sure that if you are storing toys together that they don't touch as some material can react with others. Reactions that occur usually end up ruining your toys. We don't want any of that now do we?!

My Experience

I was shocked that even though the vibrations weren't rumbly like my We-Vibe Salsa I was able to climax. I loved the feeling of the raised dots on the top rubbing against my clit. In all honesty I think that is what made it easier to climax was the texture because the vibrations were pretty weak for me. While I think the ring is a great feature it would work better in a sense that you were using it as a cock ring or attaching it to your vibe. I personally don't like the loop I prefer to be able to wrap my fingers around the base of the bullet. The controls are simple to use even when in use since the C.1 only has one button and 3 settings. I preferred the highest steady vibration setting as I usually do with most all of my vibes. Having the C.1 in my collection can open doors in the bedroom with a partner as well which I like that aspect.

My personal overall rating is a 3/5 since it is made out of silicone, has texture, rechargeable and I was able to climax. I found the C.1 easy to use and easy to clean.

As a whole and without my personal feelings being in it I would say that the C.1 is a 4/5 as all of the reasons above as well as the fact that it is waterproof and some may enjoy the less intense vibrations. 


Multiple Settings


Weak Vibrations
Finger Ring

Thanks so much to Burlesque Toy Shop for providing me with the C.1 for review!!

Burlesque Toy Shop has since closed their doors since this review was originally posted!!! The links you will find in the review now will direct you to SheVibe so you can purchase the C.1

Click on the banner below to shop


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